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January Bullet Journal Set-Up

Bullet JournalThe other day I posted my 2019 bullet journal set-up and discussed how it was one of my favourite things to do at the minute. I also said I was going to focus a lot more of my time to making use of my bullet journal and sharing it on here. I have recently finished my January bullet journal set-up and wanted to share that with you all. Here it is!

LineCover Pages

For my cover pages of the month of January I decided on a balloons/Up theme. I am a big fan of the movie Up and the message that the movie promotes is one that means a lot to me. I have been meaning to use the quote “Adventure is out there” on a cover page of a month for a long time. I am quite pleased with how it turned out but if I was to do this again I would find another way to colour in the balloons and to make “is out” stand out!

Weekly Spreads

I carried on the balloon theme when it came to the weekly spreads. I wanted to make them simply this month as although I use the day boxes I never fill a big box and I feel like I am wasting a lot of space. Being over half way through Janauary I have discovered that this method works a lot better for me, having a week per page rather than a week per double page spread. On the last page of my weekly spreads I included a quote from Mary Poppins Returns. This is another film that means a lot to me and this quote stood out to me when I watched the film. I like how these weekly spreads turned out and I will certainly be using the one page per week method in future months.

2019-01-18 09.07.40 1.jpg2019-01-18 09.07.40 2.jpg2019-01-18 09.07.39 1.jpg

Blog Plan and Memories

This double page spread is the last one I made for January. I wanted a way to write down any ideas for blog posts I had throughout the month as well as plan out the blog posts I am posting and on what day. I am hoping to redesign this page in February to make it a little bit more user friendly for myself. The January Memories page was an idea that came to be during the month. I have done a lot in January and want to be able to look back on that throughout the month and the year. I am hoping to fill this page with pictures to remind me of my memories from the month. I feel like the memories page will be a monthly feature from now on!

2019-01-18 09.07.38 1.jpg

That is my January 2019 bullet journal set-up,Β  it is simple but I feel that it will be effective for me this month. Have you got a bullet journal, if so what is your January set-up like? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Reading



24 thoughts on “January Bullet Journal Set-Up

    1. Thank you! Practice makes perfect honestly, I used to be incredibly messy and untidy when I was writing things down. I just practised making myself write neat and then teaching myself hand-lettering and calligraphy and I keep practising now!

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    1. It varies depending on how busy I am that month. I am usually thinking of ideas for the next month as soon as the current month starts. Then I design and create it as the month goes on but I will always have the next month completed before it starts. Like, I have just began March’s design so it complete before the end of February!


  1. These are very pretty! I wrote on my planner plainly. I’ll only manage to ruin the lines even if I tried and even if I am using a ruler haha!

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  2. You design is so cute! I would like to try doing a bullet journal but it would probably take me all month just to make something I am happy with :-p

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