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First Ever Book Unhaul


A couple of weekends ago I had a huge clear out of my room. This meant a huge book unhaul also happened. I have never done a book unhaul before (other than as a child), so I had an awful lot of books to go through and decide whether to keep them or not. I unhauled exactly 150 books! This post is going to show some of the books I unhauled, how I went about unhauling and why I did it! Here is my book unhaul!LineThere are a few reasons as to why I decided to do a book unhaul. One of them is my room was in desperate need of a clear out, I owned too many clothes, books and random little things. All these things had to fit in a small bedroom! Therefore, I wanted to clear out a lot of the things in my room to give myself more space. I don’t own bookshelves (shocker I know), so all my books live under my bed in boxes. This is the safest place to keep them without the being damaged. I owned so many that they actually began to creep out from under my bed into the middle of my bedroom floor. The other reason I wanted to do an unhaul is that I knew full well that I was never going to read all of the books I owned and I wanted to give other people the chance to read these books.

I started out by putting all of my books out on my bedroom floor in piles of around 10 and sorting them into keep, maybe and no piles. This was the easiest way to do this for me as it kept me and my books organised. Just a warning if you are ever thinking of being a huge unhaul be prepared to spend hours staring at books.

So, I sorted through the books pile by pile, separating them into keep, maybe and no. For the books I was keeping, I had an idea that I would be keeping them because I had either read them, wanted to read them or knew I would read them soon.

When it came to putting books on the no pile. I made sure to read the synopsis of the book before they were put on that pile. If the synopsis didn’t interest me one bit, it went on the no pile. A lot of the books I unhauled went onto the no piled because when I bought them I was excited to read them but a few years down the line, they didn’t interest me at all.

Finally, for the maybe pile I read the synopsis. If I wasn’t interested it went into the no pile. If I was interested I then read the first few pages. After reading the first few pages and the synopsis I decided whether or not I would be interested in reading those books. Then I moved them to the appropriate pile.

After nearly 12 hours of tidying I had 150 books that I had unhauled! My next job was to sort these books into ARCs, paperbacks, hardbacks and box-sets, so that I knew what was what.

Now, I wasn’t just going to thrown these books in the bin and be done with it. Before I even started all of this I knew that any of the books I unhauled would have new homes. I wanted to share the books with as many people as I could.

I shared the pictures of all the books with my family and friends and let them have first dips on the books they wanted. I then took some updated pictures and shared them on Twitter. After a few days on Twitter, the books I had left were either sold on Ziffit, donated to charity or give to local schools.

I’m sure you are wondering which books I unhauled! Well, here is a little series of pictures of all the books that I unhauled.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some of the books that I did unhaul were books that I managed to have more than one copy of. I am bad at remembered which books I have already bought, which is why whilst sorting through my books this time I made a spreadsheet of all the books I own! I own 386 at the minute!

LineThat is how my first ever book unhaul went! I feel it was very successful and I am pleased with how it all went. Have you ever done a book haul? What is your method? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Reading

22 thoughts on “First Ever Book Unhaul

  1. I keep threatening to operate on a ‘one in, one out’ policy but never seem to manage it. We do have a bit of a cull every year or so and donate to charity shops or the local community library. I still keep finding little stacks of books breeding in corners though…

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  2. Yay for book unhauls! I’ve always had a thing for unhauling books that I didn’t enjoy, to be honest. But when I first found booktube I got into this “I must have all books” so I kept, even those I didn’t really like. Now I started unhauling books again and it feels so good! So far I either sold them or gave them away as gifts for friends and family. And I also swapped books with other Hungarian readers, which is quite the cheap way to get a book you want and get rid of something you don’t want to keep anymore.

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