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Ashley Poston and Susan Dennard in Conversation- Event Recap

Event Recap

A few days ago I attended a very exciting event at Waterstones Manchester Deansgate! It was an in conversation with Ashley Poston and Susan Dennard, moderated by Kristina Pérez. I had been looking forward to this event ever since it was announced as I thing all these authors are wonderful. I may not have read all of their books but still it is lovely to go to events and see authors speak about their books. Here is my event recap!LineAs the event was on a weekday at 6:30pm it was a rush that was completely worth it to get to the event. I wasn’t arriving at the event alone this time though, I had brought my Mum. My Mum used to come to all book events with me because of how nervous I was and because I didn’t know anyone. Now that I know most people attending events she doesn’t come along often, so it was lovely to have my Mum back at an event with me. 


The event started with Kristina Pérez introducing the other two authors at the event Susan Dennard and Ashley Poston. Each of them spoke a little bit about themselves, their hobbies and also their latest books. I had just finished Ashley Poston’s latest, The Princess and the Fangirl the night before the event so I was excited to hear her speak about that.

The authors asked one another so many interesting questions throughout the event and they discussed so many things. They discussed how they felt about the finale to Game of Thrones, (no one seemed too please) as well as their favourite games and anime series. It was such a lovely, chatty event filled with lots of energy and fun.

At one point in the event Ashley Poston spoke about the next book in her con series, which is going to be a Beauty and the Beast retelling. She hinted at a character that would feature prominently in this! Ashley mentioned that she was struggling to come up with a nerdy title for the book that wasn’t already taken like Beauty and the Geek. I’ve been wracking my brain for days and can’t think of a single thing, so good luck to Ashley and the publishers on that one.

At the end of the event was the book signings. I had only taken books for Ashley to sign so headed straight for her. I spoke to her about The Princess and the Fangirl and I also asked if the next book would be about the character I thought it would be and I was correct! Ashley was so lovely and I am so happy I got to meet her. Then I quickly said hi to Kristina Pérez as I had attended her workshop at YALC in 2018. Kristina is always so lovely and it was nice to see her again.


This was yet another excellent event at Waterstones Deansgate Manchester and I cannot wait for the next one. Thank you to everyone who organised this wonderful event and to all the authors for coming along! It was such a wonderful evening! Happy Reading

19 thoughts on “Ashley Poston and Susan Dennard in Conversation- Event Recap

  1. You get so many great events you lucky devil! Also so sweet that you’re mum went to events with you, I feel like that’s something my mum would do for me too. I mean we are seeing Spice Girls together next week!

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  2. That is so cool that it was a conversation between the two authors. As a writer, I would love to pick the brain of authors and see what their thoughts were on certain topics. I love that you were able to go with your Mom. That is so fun! I haven’t read anything from either of these authors, but I definitely should.

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