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Take A Chance On Me – Beth Garrod

Book Review

Thank you to the publisher who gifted me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Meg has just had the most disastrous first kiss possible ans she wants to forget it. This is the summer she plans on putting it all behind her. She is planning on having a perfect, just-like-in-the-movies kiss. What better place for this to happen than on her surprise holiday to a Greek island paradise? The exact same island that the world’s hottest film start is shooting his latest blockbuster movie. Now with three very different boys suddenly on the scene, will Meg have the summer of love she is planning on or is it a going to be a one-way ticket to disaster.

Take A Chance On Me is a book That is perfect to read in the summer! Every time I picked this book up even if I was sat at my desk as work I was imagining being on a lovely Greek island in the sun.

Beth is back again with another of her awkward YA stories that make me laugh out loud. Take A Chance On Me was no different. I had to stop myself from laughing too loudly at my work desk whilst reading this book a number of times.

 I loved all of the characters in this book and how different each and every one of them were. Meg was so much fun to read about. She was awkward, she is funny and she is just an all round excellent character. My personal favourite character was Anita (Neet). Neet and her inputs to the story always made me laugh and she just seemed like the best friend all teenagers wished they had.

The boys in this book are all completely different, yet all so wonderful. I loved that there was an air of mystery surrounding the boys and who Meg would end up liking throughout the book. Like I said, all the characters are excellent and well-thought out and well-rounded.

Beth has a skill for writing awkward YA funny books and it was no different with Take a Chance On Me. I love how Beth makes these stories so lighthearted and fun whilst still tackling some heavy issues in the sidelines. The heavy issues are tackled but don’t leave you feeling down as it is most likely you will be laughing at something on the next page.

Take A Chance On Me is an extremely hilarious, summer contemporary novel that I flew through! I thoroughly enjoyed the story and writing and I cannot wait to pick up yet another of Beth’s books. If you are looking for something to make you laugh this summer look no further than Take A Chance On Me! It is the perfect summer read!4 StarsLineHappy Reading

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