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What Happened in July?

What Happened in?

July has been a very busy and extremely hectic month. In comparision to June in which I spent a lot of my time relaxing, July has been a complete and utter non-stop month, but I am not complaining! I will go into more detail throughout this post! Here is what happened in July!Line

What I Rea.jpg

This month in terms of reading hasn’t been as good as June. I just haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and read this month! So this month’s reading list is quite short. I am hoping next month I will get back into my reading stride! Here is what I read in July

  • The Sharp Edge of a Snowflake by Sif Sigmarsdottir (Novel) 4‘s
  • Outside by Sarah Ann Juckes (Novel) 5‘s
  • Take a Chance on Me by Beth Garrod (Novel) 4‘s

Heartstream by Tom Pollock (Novel) 4‘s

Top 5 Posts.jpgI’ve had another good blogging month and posted as much as I wanted to throughout the month! I even had ideas pop into my head for August and September. I am getting better at scheduling posts ahead of time to make things a little easier for me too! I am fully in a blogging stride at the minute! Here are my top 5 posts for July.


Reading Goal.jpg

I’m still extremely happy with how many books I have read this year and the progress I have made with my reading goal. I upped my reading goal from 30 books this year to 60 books in back in may. I feel very positive that I can reach this goal! I am actually at around 45 books whilst writing this post. I am still putting aside £5 for every book I read this year and saving it all up so I have a lot put aside already.


Personal Update.jpg

This month has been extremely hectic for me. I started the month in a brand new job. I am now officially a library assistant! I am loving my job a lot but it has mean that I have had less time to dedicate to blogging and being active online. I am hoping as I get more situated at my job and comfortable in a new routine I can get all this back to normal!

I also went to see the new Spider-Man Far from Home movie in the cinema with my sister at the beginning of the month. I adore Spider-Man and Marvel films and this one has instantly become my favourite.

This month was also my sister’s 18th birthday and my boyfriend university graduation! These both happened on the same day but were both lovely and I had a lot of fun.

To celebrate David graduating from university we went on a nice walk around our favourite nature reserve and went out for a meal. This meal was on the same day as a fun event to celebrate the release of The Harm Tree by Rose Edwards! I am going to be doing a wrap-up of this event very soon!

Finally in July I attended YALC! As always this was a spectacular event and the best weekend possible! I am going to be doing a full recap of the event very soon so keep your eyes peeled for that. There will also be a special book haul post for all the book I bought at YALC!


That’s it July is over. I cannot wait to see what August holds. What has your July been like and what have you read? Let me know in the comments below!
Happy Reading


20 thoughts on “What Happened in July?

  1. Wow! I love how you put away £5 for every book that you read – I do something similar but only a pound but I’m hoping maybe I could up it to five soon! Congratulations on your new job! Working in a library is something that I’ve always wanted to do.

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  2. This is a fantastic idea for a post, I loved it and that picture at the end looks, absoloutely lovely, glad you’ve had a good month!

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