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What it is like being a Librarian!

library.pngToday’s post is going to be something a little bit different. For those of you that don’t know, I recently started a job as a Library Assistant in my local library. It is something I have dreamed about doing ever since I was a child and can’t believe it is finally my job. Here is a little post all about what it is like being a librarian!


A lot of people think that being a librarian is all about recommending books and helping people take books out of the library, but it is so much more that that. A library is so much more than just books, they are community hubs, a place for people to meet, do their work or even just sit and read. I love being able to help the community and I feel I get to do this in my job.

I work in a library where none of the other staff members read YA books, and when I started some of them didn’t even know what YA was. I have spent the last month in my job making the YA section of the library look more appealing and eye-catching. I have created so many displays in the last month it is unbelievable! Being a librarian means that I get to do something I throughly enjoy, helping the community, whilst being surround by something I love, books.

It has been so lovely to see people take books off the displays I have created and have conversations with them when they bring those books back. I am loving being able to recommend books to teens, adult and children that would fit them and what they like to read.

Being a librarian may seem like an easy job, it isn’t! I have to always keep up-to-date with technology, new book releases, new movie releases and help people from so many different walks of lives with no many different things. This doesn’t mean I don’t love my job though. I feel like this is the job I have felt most like myself in and the happiest I have been to work.

I may have only been doing this job for nearly 2 months but I cannot quite put into words how much I am enjoying it and how much I am loving being a librarian.

I am hoping to write more about being a librarian in the future, so please let me know if this is something you would like to read about.

For now though, know that I am loving my job, I am loving being a librarian and I am loving being surrounded by books whilst working!

Happy Reading

22 thoughts on “What it is like being a Librarian!

  1. Wow, I’m surprised your library co-workers didn’t know much about YA! 🙈 But I’m glad that gave you the opportunity to makes some great changes. It sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job, and I’m so happy for you! 🙂

    Being a librarian had been one of my dream jobs, and I would really love to work at a library some day! I hope you have a wonderful time!

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  2. It is fantastic that you’ve been able to bring YA more into your library – especially if your colleagues were unaware about it! It sounds like a fantastic job – I think I would love to be a librarian!

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  3. Found you thanks to Sofi @ A book. A thought. Blogger appreciation post & glad she mentioned you. I think it’s fabulous you’re a librarian & loving it. I’m going to click follow because I look forward to hearing more. Cheers!

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  4. This post came at a perfect time! I just applied to be a Library Assistant at my local library! I have also always wanted to do this, and I have my fingers crossed I will get called in for an interview! Sounds like such a rewarding job!


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