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A Tour of the YA Section of the Library

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I’ve been working at my local library for quite a few months now and in the time I’ve been there I have given the YA section of the library quite a big face-lift. The YA section is only very small so I don’t have much area to work with. I love making new designs and writing little reviews for all the wonderful books we have in the library though and wanted to show the YA section off. So, here is a little tour of the YA section of the library!Line

img_20191026_115917.jpgAs soon as you walk in the library this is the first display that you see. I wanted to use this display to highlight some of the brand new YA books we have got into the library. These ones come and go very quickly so we are constantly having to add more books to this display.

I would love to have a bigger space to put the new books that the library gets but we tried our best to work with a small area and the little notice board available. It is a lot more eye-catching that it used to be and because it is always being updated it is an ever changing display!

The next section you see is the Must-Read Young Adult books display and the first half of the shelves. On the Must-Read YA display I have included some of my favourite and some of the customers favourite books alongside review cards. This is another display that is always changing and is constantly full of books. The shelves here are full of so many different YA books of a variety of years old, months old and even days old. You can find a book on these shelves of every YA genre.


The next bits of the YA section that you see are the poster wall and then the last bit of shelving. Some wonderful publishers sent me posters to brighten up the shelves and show customers the books we have on offer. Then on the other side of the shelves me and customers picked out more books we wanted to highlight and that we enjoyed and display them. On this side of the shelving we also have the YA audiobooks and the YA non-fiction.

Now I know the YA section is tiny in reality but it is there and I know my colleagues and me are proud of it! I cannot wait to see what it develops into in the future and I hope you enjoyed this little tour!

Happy Reading

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