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Bringing YA to a Wider Audience

audience.pngFor those of you that didn’t know, I currently work at a local library as a library assistant and have been doing so for around 4 months now. Since starting at the library I have been trying my best to champion the Ya section of the library and bring it to a wider audience. Here is a little post all about what I have done to aid this so far!LineAs soon as I started work at the library I immediately started to redesign the YA sections. It was looking quite dull when I arrive and wasn’t the single bit eye-catching for anyone. So, I gave the shelves a good clean and tidy, added a numbers to the section and shelves and also created a few displays.

due to how the library is set-up, the YA section is the first thing that you see when you walk through the doors. By creating displays and making the section eye-catching, more people approached the section and straight-away more books from the YA section were issued.

The next step I took was to write small reviews for each of the books that we had in stock that I had read. I laminated these small reviews, clipped them to the corresponding book and created a display that included all of these books. Again, this increased the issuing of YA books. Also, I had a talk with the stocks team and asked if it was possible to give them a list of YA books that I felt would be taken out. We even pre-ordered some that aren’t out till 2020.

With all the new books coming into to the library I wanted to create a display to highlight them. Every week I update this display to include the new YA books we get in and every week I see them fly off the display.

It has been so lovely to see people taking out YA books, not just young adults but also older people too. I love recommending YA books of a similar kind to customers when they come in asking for recommendations.

I have a few more plans to increase the issues of YA books and in turn to bring it to a wider audience. For now though, I feel as though I am doing a good job of bringing YA yo  wider audience and showing them the brilliant world that is YA!Happy Reading

5 thoughts on “Bringing YA to a Wider Audience

  1. As a library assistant (for just over a year now) I definitely understand the struggle of encouraging more readers to engage with our YA section. I’ve slowly been suggesting new & diverse books throughout the year to freshen up our section, it was horribly outdated!

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