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The Gravity of Us – Phil Stamper (Guest Post)

Book ReviewI’m taking over Lois’ blog for the day! You’re lucky enough to have me, Sarah from The Little Contemporary Corner, posting my review of The Gravity Of Us by Phil Stamper. Myself and Lois read this book together last week, and absolutely adored it. If you want to check out Lois’ review, head over to my blog.LineI was lucky enough to get a copy of The Gravity Of Us from Lois’ mum when she took a trip to New York last month. It’s been high on my anticipated books list for a while, and honestly I didn’t think I could wait to read it. We decided to co-read, as Lois’ and me were both equally as excited about this book, and split the book up in to sections per day.

In all honesty, by the time I got my hands on a copy and started reading, I had lost a lot of the synopsis of this book. I knew it was LGBTQ+ and I knew somehow it revolved around space, but other than that I had no idea what it was about, which made the reading experience a whole lot better in my opinion. The book follows Cal Lewis, and his life as an internet sensation whilst his father tries to become one of the first men on Mars. Cal is thrown in to a world of NASA, astronauts and fancy parties, and also happens to fall in love.

The Gravity Of Us is a good mix of comedy, romance, star-studded events and life in a small town in the USA. I think there’s an aspect for any kind of reader, with a slightly dystopian feel, to the glamour, to the gays. There’s something for everyone I really think. It had the same vibes as Simon Vs for me, where it’s a general all-round pleasing book with enough drama to keep you interested. It’s hard to explain a book that’s very much contemporary but with a slightly dystopian feel. I’m so far removed from this pretty normal situation that I found it to read very dystopian, which made it a lot more fun I think.

2020-03-28 01.03.19 1.jpg

I loved the characters in this book especially, and I found that the parents of Cal were some of my favourite parents I’ve ever read in YA.  They felt incredibly honest, open and real and exactly who I imagine would have teenage children now. His mother suffers from anxiety, and it was highlighted in the book as something that she could work through, but also had coping mechanisms. It’s incredibly rare that a YA book tells the story of an adult with mental health issues, without them being completely debilitated by them. This definitely refreshed my brain a little of all the YA I’ve read recently.

It also didn’t shy away from bad or hard relationships. Cal’s relationship with this best friend who he moved away from naturally went through a little bit of a rough patch as two teenagers moving away would do. Their relationship felt incredibly real, and something I was eager to read about.

For me, the romance was a little bit too much too soon, however I understand that with a short book, it isn’t always possible to have the build up you truly want to the relationship. I love Cal and Leon together, they’re incredibly sweet and again felt very real to me, however I did think it was a little rushed and if anything I really wanted some more time to get to know Leon a little better. He seemed always at arm’s length, I wanted to really get to know him but never got the chance.

Without a doubt, when this book is published in the UK grab yourself a copy. It’s something you can get lost in, and enjoy completely mindlessly. There is enough drama to keep you entertained, and enough love story to make you swoon. I really enjoyed The Gravity Of Us far more than I imagined and I cannot wait to see what Phil does next.

4.5 Stars!

5 StarsLineHappy Reading


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