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A Little Quote!


Hello all and I hope you are keeping yourselves safe. Sometime I find myself messing around on the website Canva. It helps me get inspirartions for any design work that I am doing and helps get my creative energy flowing. The other day I was working hard on some design work and hit a creative dead end, so over to Canva I headed. There are some templates for poster designs and just general templates on there that are free for you to use and design for your own use. I wanted to create a little poster of a quote that has stuck with me years after reading the book. The quote is from Solitaire by Alice Oseman. I found the perfect template, made it my own and the inputed the quote. I am quite proud of this design and wanted to share it with you all! Here is my little quote poster for a quote I love from Solitaire by Alice Oseman!


There comes a point when you can't keep looking after other people anymore. You have to start looking after yourself.

LineThere you have it, only a quick little post today but I love this quote and design a lot, so I wanted to share it. Are there any quotes from books you love so much and have stuck with you for years? Let me know in the comments! Have a lovely weekend!

Happy Reading



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