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Hold Back the Tide – Melinda Salisbury

Book ReviewEveryone in Ormscaula knows what happened to Alva’s Mother all those years ago. But, when dark forces begin to stir in Ormscaula, Alva has to face a very different future and question everything that she knew about her past.

I’m going to start this review by saying this book has quite possible my favourite opening lines that of anything I have ever read. The opening lines are so incredible and captivation you immediately.

Also, I am going to say something shocking before fully getting into the review. This is the first ever Melinda Salisbury book I’ve ever read. I have no idea why this is because I think Melinda is a wonderful and talented human, but this book is going to be the first of many written by Melinda that I read.

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Hold Back the Tide is shocking, enticing and defies all genre categorisations. It manages to engulf you in the wild yet utterly beautiful scenery right from start to finish. It has a highly thrilling plot that grips you from the striking first line to the soul destroying last line. You are not ready for this book but need to pick it up immediately.

This book is set in Scotland in the fictional town of Ormscaula and the writing about the setting made me feel like I was living in Ormscaula for the duration of the book. I could easily imagine the village and its surroundings just off the descriptions, which is something I don’t find very easy to do. I always struggle with imagining fictional towns when reading books but didn’t have any issues with Ormscaula at all.  Also, I adored the little glimpses of Alva’s Scottish dialect that we as readers got throughout the book. They added a lot to how I read the book.

The characters in this book all stand our in their own special ways. Alva is an amazing protagonist who I adored. I loved her direct and dry humorous way of dealing with difficult things. Alva is the character we all need to tackle the world at the minute. Ren is an adorable all-round wonderful character who I might have fallen for a little whilst reading this book. Melinda has fully fleshed out the secondary characters in this book and they all continue to stand out.

This is Melinda Salisbury’s first stand-alone novel and it is one I will remember for years to come. It is packed full with an unsettling atmosphere from the first page. The writing style is incredible and captivating. I would like all books to start with a first chapter like this one from now on, I think I’d never stop reading. The fact that is book is set in the past allows Melinda to tackle modern issues of environmental responsibility and sustainability in a less than modern setting. It is a wonderful spin on what the consequences of abuse and lack of care on the natural resource could lead to.

Hold Back the Tide is a book I am going to recommend to everyone. It defies genres and captivates you from the very first line. Melinda Salisbury is an extraordinary author and this book shows just that!

5 StarsLineHappy Reading


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