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Every Little Piece of My Heart – Non Pratt

Book Review

Thank you to the publisher for gifting me an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

When Sophie receives a parcel from her best friend, Freya, she expects it to contain the reasons why Freya left town so suddenly, without explanation or even a goodbye. Instead, she finds a letter addressed to Win, a girl Freya barely knew – or so Sophie thought. As more letters are unveiled and addressed to more people on the periphery of Freya’s life, Sophie and Win start to piece together who Freya truly was and why she left. Sometimes it’s not about who’s gone but about who they leave behind.

Every Little Piece of My Heart is an incredible and beautifully written book by Non Pratt. This book has a lot of diversity and includes a whole host of main characters, rather than a few side characters. It is clear to see in the foreword and afterword as well as whilst reading the book that Non Pratt has put a lot of thought and care into each of the characters. They have done a large amount of research to ensure that all the characters are realistic and well thought-out. They ensure that all the character’s resonate with the reader, especially those who are experiencing the same things as the characters in this book.

If you love the found family trope then this is certainly a book for you. Each and every character on this book is well written and felt incredibly authentic. I absolutely adored Sophie and the honest portrayal of her chronic illness. I have never seen Lupus represented in YA but Non has done her research on this chronic illness and shows its debilitating effects realistically and with a lot of thought.

Also, I adored Ryan and Lucas and their complicated dynamic. Personally, my favourite characters were Win and Sunny. They are both amazing and the sisterly bond between them was so wonderful to read. The love they show for one another is incredible and their sassy banter made me laugh out loud.

Every Little Piece of My Heart is an effortless read, beautifully written by Non Pratt. It explores a wide range of topics, issues and diversity without being reductive or overly didactic.

Overall, Every Little Piece of My Heart is an incredibly written YA novel with a compelling cast of characters. It has enough mystery to keep you turning the pages. All whilst the storyline unfurls to reveal honest truths about pressures of being happy and self-identity, you can’t help but keep reading. I highly recommend this book to all YA contemporary fans!

4 Stars
Happy Reading

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