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YALC at Home

Hello all, I hope you are all well and keeping yourselves safe! If things were as planned a lot of us would be at YALC this weekend and I’m sure we would all be having a lovely time. This isn’t the reality though due to the ongoing situation in the world at the minute and although I’m sure we all wish we were having a bookish weekend at least we are all keeping safe. Just because we aren’t at YALC this weekend doesn’t mean we can’t have a bookish weekend at home though. I’m planning on having a YALC @ home and thought I’d share with you a few of the things I’ll be doing and help you have a YALC @ home! Here is how to have a YALC @ home!

Over the course of the weekend a lot of publishers and authors have organised a number of virtual events to give us the at home YALC experience. These can all be seen being discussed on the hashtag #athomeYALC over on Twitter and there has also been a handy little Google Doc set up by publishers who are adding events they are hosting over the weekend, the times these will be happening and what exactly those events entail. This is the link to the Google Doc for the Unofficial At Home YALC schedule, make sure you check it out. Even if you cannot attend the virtual events over the weekend for whatever reason (I can’t as I currently have no internet at my new house), publishers are uploading the panels and other things to Youtube for watch at a later date! 

Host a YALC quiz! My friends and I have been planning on hosting a YALC quiz when we are all next free. We are all going to have different rounds on different topics and this is going to happen via video call. As I cannot see these friends in person to have the weekend we planned, it will be so lovely to video call them and chat about books, chat about life and then have a little YALC quiz! Why not have your own YALC quiz with your friends and your topic list can be endless. You can quiz one another on book covers, run an online treasure hunt for books, have virtual prizes and a whole lot more! Let you imagination run wild!

You could also take part in the wonderful YALCathon! This in the past has been run after YALC by Kate @ Reading Through Infinity with the aim of reading some of the books and ARCs that we all pick up at YALC. This year due to YALC not taking place in person, Kate is not running this readathon. But, @whatvickyread is hosting a readathon under the same name over the course of YALC weekend. So, if you are looking to get lots of leaden done this weekend then be sure to check out Vicky’s post about the readthon and join in!

We all like to take the mick out of the things that happen at YALC and if you want the true YALC experience then there is a number of things you can do.

  1. Turn you heating up to the highest setting all day and never open a window
  2. Get rid of all the furniture in your house and sit on the floor instead
  3. Run around your house trying to find a mystery item that has been hidden in the hope that it is something you actually want and was worth it
  4. Carry a huge bag around with you filled to the brim with books, enough to cause yourself a back injury
  5. Hide your food for the day at the bottom of your bag and when you do remember to eat take it out to find it has all been completely squished by books
  6. Finally, be sure to queue for 40 minutes for no reason at all!

Have fun and look after yourself! Although we aren’t doing what we all planned this weekend, reach out to your friends, make sure they are okay, talk to them and look after yourself as well. Remember that YALC will be back and we can all be a bookish community in person again soon. But, for now let’s have a fun YALC @ home and read all the books! Have a lovely weekend!

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