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Authors I’d Like to Read More From – Part Two

Hi all, I hope you are well! A couple of days ago I shared a post all about a few authors who I’d like to read more from. There are more authors on that list me and my friend made and I want to discuss those with you today! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out part one of this here. Here is part two of authors I’d like to read more from!

Jenny Han

Now, it is safe to that the To All the Boys series is one of my favoiruite series. I adore the story and its writing style. I just have not read any other books by Jenny Han and that is something I’d like to change. I’ve heard excellent things about her other series and I really want to give them a go and see what I think.

Amie Kaufman

I absolutely love the Illuminae series and have always been drawn to Amie Kaufman as both an author and a person. I have never read anything by her outside of the Illuminae series. I’d love to change this and at least give her other books a go. I’m not always a sci-fi/fantasy fan but I think know the authors previous works might change this!

Emma Donoghue

One of my favourite books of all time is Room by Emma Donoghue but, I have never read anything else by her and I don’t know why. I always see her other books on the shelves in book shops and in the library I work in but I have just never picked them up. I’d like to read more of her books and make more of an opinion on her writing and books on a whole rather than just the one I have read so far!

Emery Lord

I’ve read a number of books by Emery Lord over the past few years and I have really enjoyed them all. I haven’t read a book by here is a while now but I have everything she has ever written on my shelves. So, I’d really like to read more by Emery Lord and in turn get my TBR down a little bit!

Patrick Ness

Patrick Ness is an author I am always and I mean always hearing about. He is also an author whose books I own a lot of but I’ve only read one of. I don’t know why I’ve just never picked up his books when I know they are meant to be excellent. I’d like to make a point of reading more by Patrick Ness very soon and seeing what I think!

There you have it, that was part two of authors I’d like to read more from! Be sure to check out part one here. Are there any authors you’d like to read more from? Let me know in the comments below!

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