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My Favourite Etsy Stores

Hello all! I hope you are well! I’m a sucker for a good Etsy store. You’ll quite often find me browsing Etsy stores for greetings cards, bookmarks, pins, prints and more. I have a number of stores that I return to over and over and I’d definitely class them as a favourite stores. I wanted to show those stores off today! (None of these stores have asked me to talk about them I just love them all a lot and want to share my love for them!) I love supporting small businesses and here are some who deserve all the love in the world!

Katnipp Illustrations

I found Katnipp Illustrations a couple of years ago and have loved them ever since! Katnipp Illustrations sell a variety of things including pins, prints, bookmarks and more. The illustrations and products are inspired by things like nature, coffee, books and food. I love the little characters that Katnipp has created such as Pudding and Gingie. Her products always make me smile and always come packaged beautifully and arrive quickly. You’ll always see me using a Katnipp stationary item and wearing a Pudding pin!


Laurel Mae Art

I discovered Laurel Mae Art earlier on this year. I’ve loved watching the store grow especially over the last few months. Laurel Mae sells a range of things including prints, stickers, bookmarks, greeting cards and very soon, pins! I absolutely adore Laurel’s art style and her products always bring a smile to my face. The aesthetic of her products is very me and I love it. I am actually using one of her bookmarks at the moment (it is amazing quality and cute too). I cannot wait to see what else Laurel Mae Art does in the future and to continue to watch her grow.


StaceyMcEvoyCaunt (Formally Fable and Black)

I discovered StaceyMcEvoyCaunt when they were known as Fable and Black a few years ago now. I instantly fell in love with their designs and products. They sell a variety of things such as stationary, jewellery, homeware, pins and much more! I love the bookish designs that they do and would cover my house in their prints if I could! I’m so glad to have found this store online and then actually see the products in real life at YALC last year. They are such good quality products and well worth the very reasonable price! I can’t wait to buy from them again soon!


Abbie Imagines Design

I discovered Abbie Imagines Design’s shop last year and they have been my go to for gifts ever since. They sell a range of unique prints, greeting cards, gifts, homeware and more. I love giving their products as gifts because they are not only unique, but beautiful too. Their designs always put a smile on my face and as soon as I start decorating my house I’ll be buying a lot of prints from the store to add to my walls! The products are such good quiality and are always printed on high quality paper! I love this store a lot! Credit for the image of the print below goes to The Little Contemporary Corner who I bought this print for as a gift last Christmas!


There you have it, my favourite Etsy stores! Now, I am always on the look out for new Etsy stores, so, if you have some favourites, please let me know in the comments because I would love to check them out!

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