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New Book Releases I’m Excited for – October

Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I’m here again with another post all about new books that are being released very soon! I love finding out about new books to be read and getting excited about them being released. There are so many incredible books coming out in October and I cannot wait to read them all! Here are all the October 2020 releases I’m excited for!


Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds and art by Danica Novgordoff (The Graphic Novel)

“Will’s older brother, Shawn, has been shot.
Will feels a sadness so great, he can’t explain it. But in his neighborhood, there are THE RULES:

No. 1: Crying.
No matter what.

No. 2: Snitching
No matter what.

No. 3: Revenge
No matter what.

But bullets miss. You can get the wrong guy. And there’s always someone else who knows to follow the rules…”

I had no idea this was happening but I am incredibly excited to get my hands on a copy of this. I flew through the novel version of Long Way Down and cannot wait to see what this graphic novel adaptation is like. The artwork looks incredible and I’m sure it will be an amazing adaptation!

13th October 2020

All This Time by Rachael Lippencott and Mikki Daughtry

Kyle and Kimberly have been the perfect couple all through high school, but when Kimberly breaks up with him on the night of their graduation party, Kyle’s entire world upends – literally. Their car crashes and when he awakes, he has a brain injury. Kimberly is dead. And no one in his life could possibly understand.

Until Marley. Marley is suffering from her own loss, a loss she thinks was her fault. As Kyle and Marley work to heal each other’s wounds, their feelings for each other grow stronger. But Kyle can’t shake the sense that he’s headed for another crashing moment that will blow up his life as soon as he’s started to put it back together.

And he’s right.”

I have had this book on my radar for so long now and I’m excited for it to be finally out. I am gonna save this one for a cosy afternoon at home because I feel like it will be one I can read in one sitting. I’ve enjoyed books by these authors in the past so I’m excited to give this one a go.

7th October 2020

This is All Your Fault by Aminah Mae Safi

“Rinn Olivera is finally going to tell her longtime crush AJ that she’s in love with him.

Daniella Korres writes poetry for her own account, but nobody knows it’s her.

Imogen Azar is just trying to make it through the day.

When Rinn, Daniella, and Imogen clock into work at Wild Nights Bookstore on the first day of summer, they’re expecting the hours to drift by the way they always do. Instead, they have to deal with the news that the bookstore is closing. Before the day is out, there’ll be shaved heads, a diva author, and a very large shipment of Air Jordans to contend with.

And it will take all three of them working together if they have any chance to save Wild Nights Bookstore.”

This sounds like a book that is right up my street! I might just pre-order this one and read it very soon. It has a lot of mixed reviews so I am going to look into the review more before picking it up but I am definitely excited about this one.

13th October 2020


What October releases are you excited about? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Reading

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