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22 Things to do Whilst I’m 22 – Recap

I cannot believe I turn 23 tomorrow! Last year, I wrote a post all about 22 Things to do Whilst 22. It was my way of writing a little bucket-list of things I wanted to do in my 22nd year of life. Now that my 22nd year is almost over, I wanted to look back on that post ad see if I had done everything on the list or if I hadn’t. Here is my recap of 22 things to do whilst I’m 22!

1. Travel to more places within the UK

Well, this didn’t go to plan did it… Covid wormed its way into our lives and put a holt to all our plans to complete this goal. I was even meant to be in Llandudno right this minute celebrating my birthday. But obviously this was cancelled due to the current situation. Maybe next year I guess!

2. Watch the sunrise and sunset from a local hill

I’ve seen many a sunset this past year and even a couple of sunrises. These have all been completely by accident thought but I have loved seeing them and I’m so glad this goal has been completed.

3. Go on a road trip with my best friends

Again, another one that was interrupted very rudely by covid. I did get the chance to go on a road trip to Cardiff with my best friends at the start of the year before covid to visit our other best friend who lives there. It was so lovely and a weekend I would love to experience again. I’d love more of these road trips in the future please.

4. Get better at graphic design

This is something that I will always be working on. But, since writing this post last year, I think my graphic design skills have improved quite a lot. I would love to improve these skills even further in the future and see what comes of it.

5. Attend YALC 2020 with my best friends

Hello again spanner in the works otherwise known as covid, not nice to see you again. Pretty please can you stop ruining things please and thank you.

6. Finally own a bookshelf!

I OWN A BOOKSHELF! Finally after years of wishing, I now have a bookshelf and a small selection of my books are on display! I love it so much! I feel like my life as a book lover was missing something until I finally had a bookshelf and now I want to own lots more!

7. Make progress on getting a house with David

WE HAVE A HOUSE! It finally happened! After 5 years together David and I offically own a house together! We love it so much and can’t believe it is actually real. It still doesn’t feel real if I’m honest and we’ve been here for 2 months. Next challenge for the house, re-decorating!

8. Rescue an animal

I’ve reunited lots of dogs with their owners whilst we were all in lockdown. Dogs like to take themselves on walks near where I live, so I reunited them with their owners. I haven’t rescued an animal in any other sense though and I suppose thats a good thing as there haven’t been any animals near me needing rescuing.

9. Visit the H**** P***** Studio Tour again

Due to many recent and past events, I will be avoiding completing this no longer goal for the foreseeable future. Instead I ask you to please visit and support and be a good ally to trans people. And remember trans rights are human rights.

10. Visit more libraries

This was unintentionally completed due to covid (the only good thing it has done). I’ve been to so many more libraries in the last 4 months that I have ever. This is because the library I work at has only just opened and for the past few months I have been covering staff at other libraries. So, in turn I’ve visited more libraries and completed my goal!

11. Visit more bookshops

I’ve done this one for sure! I’m always in a bookshop whenever I’m free. I’ve also made more of an effort this year to support indie bookshops and I’m loving it. I love giving someone’s indie shop the ability to provide books the others and supporting them rather than the big companies!

12. Save money for every book I read

I fell off the bandwagon with this one midway through 2020. It was such a good way to save money and I just stopped doing it and I don’t know why. I want to back on this little challenge very soon.

13. Start a good blog planner and stick to it

I’ve definitely done this one! Each month I plan out all my blog posts for the month and then write them a few days before I want them to go live. It has worked out really well and I’m so glad I’m sticking to it. It has worked so well for me!

14. Go on as many days out with David as possible

This one has happened to a certain extent. Covid obviously put a holt on this goal as well for a little while as we weren’t allowed on days out. But, now we are in our own house and can leave the house, we are always going on days out together and I love it!

15. Rekindle my love for swimming

Well, covid happened and stopped this one too. I want to attempt this goal soon though because I do love swimming a lot.

16. Go to as many concerts and shows as I can

Oh covid, all I can ask is why? I’m very lucky to have been to a number of shows and concerts before covid happened and I’m so grateful that I could. I miss concerts and shows so much and the atmosphere at them so much too. I want to go to a concert!

17. Re-read my childhood favourite books

I have yet to do this but very soon I hope to do my very own little readathon to do just this. Let’s see!

18. Take more pictures

I’ve definitely done this one! I’m always taking pictures and I love capturing memories. On top of this, I’ve even been filming one second a day throughout 2020. This has been a lot of fun and so wonderful to look back on especially when I’m feeling down.

19. Spend more time with my family

I’ve done this to an extent whenever possible. I’ve not properly spent time with my grandparents since March though and I really miss spending quality time with this. Any chance I get I’ll be spending it with my family. (When this is allowed and safe to do so of course!)

20. Plan another Disney trip

Oh, hi covid, you again? Please go away!

21. Learn to cook more

I can bake more things but I can’t cook more. David does all of the cooking currently a he is furloughed and I am working. Plus, he is the better cook of us bother. Hopefully in the future I’ll learn to cook more!

22. Have fun!

As much as this year has been weird and quite tough in parts. I’ve had a lot of fun when I can and I feel very lucky.


I’m proud of what I have achieved in my 22nd year (despite covid) and cannot wait to see what my 23rd year holds! What do you want to do in the next year? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Reading

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