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23 Things to do Whilst I’m 23

I turned 23 yesterday! Every year I like to make a little bucket list / goals list for that year of my life. It is a list of things I want to do and achieve in the year that I am 23. Some of these things are quite simple to achieve whilst others aren’t. I want to do the most I can within the year I am 23. Here are 23 things to do whilst I’m 23!

1. Travel to more places within the UK

This was a goal whilst I was 22 but obviously since last year there has been a thing called covid which threw a spanner in the works for the goal whilst I was 22. So, I’m making it a goal in my 23rd year. I would like to finally have my trip to Llandudno that was meant to happen this weekend as well as visit even more places in the UK. Fingers crossed.

2. Spend more time outdoors

Now that I live right behind a huge woods and not far from my favourite nature reserve, I feel it is only right to spend more time outdoors. I love going on walks and seeing new things in nature. So, this year I want to spend a lot more time outdoors.

3. Go on more road trips with my best friends!

I would love to travel the country with my best friends, visiting new book shops, eating cake and chatting. Can we do this a lot more this year please?! I know it be so much fun and filled with so many laughs.

4. Improve my graphic design skills

I’ve had this as a goal for years now and with each year I get a little bit better at it. I’d love to invest in some amazing graphic design tech this year and use it to improve my skills. I love doing graphic designing and I just really want to improve on my skills this year.

5. Attend YALC 2021 with my best friends

Due to covid YALC 2020 was cancelled and I missed it so much! My fingers are doubly crossed that YALC happens in 2021. I just want to be surrounded by books and friends and other bookish people (at a safe distance!). Bring on YALC 2021.

6. Make an at home library / cosy room

This is huge step up from owning one single bookshelf. But, this year I’d love to convert our spare room into a cosy room / library / guest room. An at home library would be so wonderful, its a challenge but I’m setting it for myself!

7. Redecorate our house

I would love to be able to say this to you this time next year that David and I have redecorated the entire house. This is ambitious that is for sure but I would love to put our own stamp on our house. It would be so lovely!

8. Save money for every book I read

I want to get back on this little money saving venture this year. I’d like to put aside Β£2 for every book that I read whilst I am 23. Who knows how much this will save me over the year but I’m excited to see! I’m also excited to treat myself with the money I save.

9. Rekindle my love for swimming

When pools are safe and I finally feel comfortable to step foot in a pool again, I want to finally complete this goal. I want to swim more and just exercise more as a whole. I just really want to get fit again and finally feel healthy and swimming is a start to achieving that.

10. Go to as many concerts and shows as I can!

When the day comes for me to get back to concerts and shows I’ll be doing just that! I miss them and the atmosphere of them so much! I do have others planned in 2021 which were originally this year but I’d love to add more to this in 2021. I just miss concerts lots!

11. Continue filming my second a day!

I’ve loved doing this since January and I’d love to continue doing it whilst I’m 23. It is such a good way of looking back on memories and keeping document of things that have happened throughout the year. It is so much fun!

12. Spend more time with family

Due to covid my time with family has been very limited and I really miss it. I’d love to spend days out with my family and especially my grandparents (when this is safe obviously) and cherish this time more than I have ever have before.

13. Plan a Disney trip

I miss Disneyland so much! It really is my happy place and I miss the atmosphere, the rides and the joy that Disneyland brings me. I want to plan a Disney trip with friends this year for us to go on when the world is just a little bit safer.

14. Learn to cook more

I really want to finally complete this goal whilst I am 23. I want to cook more and amazing things too. I want to be able to cook David a fancy meal this year because I think it would be lovely. It would be nice for it to be something that isn’t chicken and mash too!

15. Go back to Lanzarote!

I really want to get back to my favourite place, Lanzarote, whilst I am 23. Our trip this year was cancelled (as to be expected) and I’m still sad that I didn’t get to spend my time in the sun, relaxing, reading and eating my favourite foods. I’d love to go back and spend 2 weeks chilling in the sun, reading books and having fun! Take me back to Lanzarote!

16. Get a pet

This is a goal for if the house gets fully redecorated this year. I want a little pet because pets bring me so much joy. I miss seeing my dog everyday but it wouldn’t be fair to have a dog whilst both David and I work. So, I’d like a pet at home. Be that a guinea pig or a hamster, I’d love to own a pet by the time I’m 24!

17. Finish my library qualification

By the time I’m 24 I would love to have finished my library qualification and be making progress to heading towards my dream job. This qualification has been tough and has taken a lot longer than I anticipated bu I’ll be so proud when I complete it.

18. Adopt a penguin

I love penguins, adore them in fact. I’d love to adopt a penguin and get little updates on it throughout the year. I would love to support a little penguin in its life, so this year I’d like to adopt a penguin!

19. Go back to Edinburgh

I’d love to spend another weekend in Edinburgh. I’d love to be able to do the things we didn’t get to do on our last trip there and go back to zoo and see the penguin parade again!

20. Meet the members of McFly I am yet to have met

Over the last couple of years I have met half of my favourite band McFly. This year I’d love to meet Danny Jones and Harry Judd who are the members I have yet to met. I’ve been a fan of McFly since I was 5 so to be able to meet the last two members of my favourite band would be incredible!

21. Read 100 books!

I’ve been reaching this book reading goal for the past couple of years now and I’d love to do it again! I want to complete this goal because I love reading but also because it will get my TBR down a whole bunch!

22. Finally finish my Animal Crossing island

I’ve been playing Animal Crossing since March but my island is still only half complete. This year I’d like to finally complete my island and be proud of it. I’m almost positive this won’t happen because I will continue to change it every couple of months but we shall see!

23. Have fun!

Finally, I want to have a fun year of being 23. I want to do as much as I can and enjoy what I am doing! Bring on being 23!

LineThere you have it, 23 things I want to do whilst I’m 23! What do you want to do in the next year? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Reading

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