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Her Dark Wings – Melinda Salisbury

Thank you so much to the publishers, David Fickling Books, for sending me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review!

The great love of Corey’s life has always been her best friend, Bree: closer than sisters, their bond is unbreakable.

Or so Corey believes, until Bree betrays her, and Corey’s world is shattered.

Corey finds herself heartbroken, furious and alone…

Only to discover that the Underworld – and Hades, Lord of the Dead – is closer than she thinks…

Ever since reading Hold Back the Tide back in 2020, I have been looking out for another new release from Melinda Salisbury. So, I was beyond excited when I found out that book would be a retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth. It fact, I was ecstatic. I had high hopes going into this one and I was not let down.

This Hade and Persephone myth retelling is set in a world where the old Gods and Olympians are still worshiped and prayed to. Corey and her best friend Bree have always been inseparable. But, when Bree betrays Corey in the worst possible way their strong bond shattered and Corey wishes her dead. When Bree suddenly does wind up dead, Corey is heartbroken. Soon after she stumbles across the Underworld and is face-to-face with Hades and the Furies.

I was worried going into reading this book that I would struggle with all the Mythology. It is a little out of my comfort zone and even though I know little bits about Hades and Persephone, I was worried I did not know enough. I should not have been worried though, as the mythology draws you in right away and is easy to understand. We get to see a mixture of the modern world and the Underworld. Both of which are so intricately woven together, which help to create a story that keeps you hooked.

Each of the characters in Her Dark Wings are introduced to the readers in a stunning way. I was genuinely terrified of the Furies. They are truly frightening and dangerous and this leaps right off the pages. Hades is such an enigma and I was so intrigued by him. He is one of those characters that you cannot help but want to know more about.

Corey is such an intriguing main character. I enjoyed seeing her character development throughout the book. We get to see her question who she wants to be, what she wants to put out in the world and how she can manage to balance all those things. We see the internal fight that she has with her desires for both vengeance and justice. It makes for amazing reading.

Melinda Salisbury continues to blow me away with her writing. It is incredibly captivating and everything is described in such a way that it feels cinematic. It is beyond incredible and makes me want to read so many more books by Melinda in the future.

Overall, Her Dark Wings is a truly spectacular book that will grip you right from the first sentence. It perfectly mixes the modern world with the Underworld and takes you on quite the magical journey. I would highly recommend this one!

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