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New Book Releases I’m Excited For – October

It is starting to get colder and darker which means October is nearly here. That means there are more new books on the horizon. There are lots coming out in October that I am excited about. I wanted to share some of them with you. Here are the new book releases I’m excited for in October.

The First to Die at the End by Adam Silvera

It’s the night before Death-Cast goes live, and there’s one question on everyone’s mind: Can Death-Cast actually predict when someone will die, or is it just an elaborate hoax?

Orion Pagan has waited years for someone to tell him that he’s going to die. He has a serious heart condition, and he signed up for Death-Cast so he could know what’s coming.

Valentino Prince is restarting his life in New York. He has a long and promising future ahead and he only registered for Death-Cast after his twin sister nearly died in a car accident.

Orion and Valentino cross paths in Times Square and immediately feel a deep connection. But when the first round of End Day calls goes out, their lives are changed forever—one of them receives a call, and the other doesn’t. Though neither boy is certain how the day will end, they know they want to spend it together…even if that means their goodbye will be heartbreaking.

I’ve been excited to read this one ever since it was announced. I loved They Both Die at the End and re-read it not too long ago. So, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in this one, how it will break my heart and to find out how it all began.

4th October 2022

The Other Ones by Fran Hart

Sal hates standing out. But he lives in a haunted house – and everybody knows it. His oldest friend, Dirk, tries to help… but he wants to stay popular, and Sal isn’t helping. Elsie was popular – until recently. Now she’s on the outcast’s table too… and she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Then there’s the new boy, Pax, who won’t leave Sal alone. His idea of a good time is hanging out in graveyards. And, for some reason, Sal just can’t stay away. Meet The Other Ones. Can they banish their ghosts together?

This sounds like it is the perfect book to read in October and I am so excited. I love a good Halloween book and I’m looking forward to seeing what I think of this one. I’ve seen some excellent reviews for it already. It is marketed for fans of Heartstopper so I am sure I will love it.

13th October 2022

Sixteen Souls by Rosie Talbot

Sixteen-year-old Charlie has problems. He’s a seer-of-spirits in York, the most haunted city in Europe, and all his friends are ghosts. His sisters have glittered his prosthesis, again, and his crush is dating someone new.

On top of that, famous spirits are mysteriously vanishing from York’s alleys and snickleways. Charlie is determined to stay out of it, but Sam, the irritating new seer in town, expects him to track down who – or what – is responsible and uncover the dark purpose behind the disappearances.

When a ghost Charlie is indebted to also vanishes, he has no choice but to face the shadows. And his growing feelings for Sam. The boys must be willing to risk it all to save York’s spirits, because their adversary will stop at nothing to complete their devastating plan. Afterlives are at stake, and Charlie is running out of time…

This is another book that is perfect for Halloween. I’ve seen some absolutely amazing reviews for this one which makes me even more excited to give it a read. I’m visiting York next month so I am excited to read this shortly after my visit and have York fresh in my mind!

13th October 2022

Love from Mecca to Medina by S. K. Ali

This Synopsis contains spoilers for Love from A to Z

Adam is in Doha, Qatar, making a map of the Hijra, a historic migration from Mecca to Medina, and worried about where his next paycheck will come from. Zayneb is in Chicago, where school and extracurricular stresses are piling on top of a terrible frenemy situation, making her miserable.

Then a marvel occurs: Adam and Zayneb get the chance to spend Thanksgiving week on the Umrah, a pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina, in Saudi Arabia. Adam is thrilled; it’s the reboot he needs and an opportunity to pray for a hijra in real life: to migrate to Zayneb in Chicago. Zayneb balks at the trip at first, having envisioned another kind of vacation, but then decides a spiritual reset is calling her name too. And they can’t wait to see each other—surely, this is just what they both need.

But the trip is nothing like what they expect, from the appearance of Adam’s former love interest in their traveling group to the anxiety gripping Zayneb when she’s supposed to be “spiritual.” As one wedge after another drives them apart while they make their way through rites in the holy city, Adam and Zayneb start to wonder: was their meeting just an oddity after all?

I read Love from A to Z a while back and I loved it. IT was beautifully written and I loved the characters. I had no idea that there was going to be a sequel so when I saw this you can imagine my excitement. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next for Adam and Zaynab!

18th October 2022

What October releases are you excited about? Let me know in the comments!

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