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What’s On My Netgalley TBR?

Just as I started to get my Netgalley TBR down a little, I did some requested and it has gained a few books. I’m still determined to have it cleared by the end of the year though. I started writing these posts each month to help me to see my TBR and hold me accountable when I haven’t read them on time. Here are some of the books that are currently on my Netgalley shelf / TBR!

How to Kill Men and Get Away With It by Katy Brent

Have you ever walked home at night, keys in hand, ready to throw a punch in self-defence? That’s how it all started. The killing spree, I mean.

I sort of tripped into this role… Literally. The first one was following me. That guy from the nightclub who wouldn’t leave me alone. I pushed him, he stumbled, and fell onto his own broken wine bottle. Oops. It was such a waste of a good house white.

But now I can’t seem to stop and nor do I want to… I’ve got a taste for revenge and quite frankly, I’m killing it.

I read the synopsis of this one and immediately pressed the request button. Doesn’t it just sound incredible! I’m looking forward to reading this one very soon and sharing my thoughts. I have high hopes for it thank to that synopsis though!

12th October 2022

This Book Kills by Ravena Guron

When Hugh Henry Van Boren, one of the most popular and richest kids in Jess Choudhary’s school, is found dead, the student body is left reeling and wondering who the murderer could be… Jess, a student under strict instructions to keep her record clean or risk losing her scholarship, finds herself at the centre of the investigation when it’s revealed that Hugh died in the exact same way as a character in a short story she wrote.

And then Jess receives an anonymous text thanking her for the inspiration.

With time running out, Jess knows if she doesn’t solve this mystery she’ll finally have something in common with Hugh Henry.  

She’ll be dead too.

I’ve had my eyes on this one ever since I saw it being mentioned throughout YALC weekend. It sound like an excellent mystery book and I’m sure it will have me hooked from the very first page. I cannot wait to share my thoughts on this one.

5th January 2023

Friends Like These by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

Tegan Sheffield’s annual end-of-summer beach party is the only way to start their senior year. At least that’s what Jake Healy tells his girlfriend Jessica Sanchez.

But when a video prank from the party goes viral and a body is discovered at the beach, Jake and Jessica find themselves at the centre of a national media storm and a police investigation.

It’s a race to uncover the truth before the killer strikes again.

I read Jennifer Lynn Alvarez’s previous book last year and it blew me away. I was completely hooked by the thriller. So, as soon as I saw she had another book coming out I immediately requested it. This one sounds excellent and I cannot wait to give it a read.

3rd November 2022

There you have it, some of the things that are on my Netgalley shelf/TBR at the minute! What have you got on your Netgalley shelf and what are you excited to read? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Reading

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