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Currently I’m…

I’m back again with another ‘Currently I’m…‘ post. For those who don’t now, I started doing these posts because I am always interested in finding out what other people’s currents are. I love knowing what other people are currently reading, watching and listening to. Here is this month’s ‘Currently I’m…‘.

Currently I’m Reading…

There is never a time when I am only reading one book. At the moment, I’ve got a physical book, an eBook an an audiobook on-the-go.

The physical book that I’m reading is Horrid by Katrina Leno. I’ve literally just started this one but I am intrigued to see where it will go. It seems to be the perfect book to read this autumn and I’m looking forward to it.

The eBook that I’m reading is Mika in Real Life by Emiko Jean. I’ve been reading this one slowly but that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it. I’m excited to see where this one will go and to share my thoughts.

Finally, the audiobook I’m listening to is Thank You for Listening by Julia Whelan. I am loving this one! It is right up my street and I got into it immediately. I’m looking forward to reading more.

Currently I’m Listening to…

I’ve got a couple of albums that I’ve been listening to on rotation recently. The first is 5SOS5 by 5 Seconds of Summer. I love this album so much and I just can’t stop listening to it. The 1975 have just released their new album Being Funny in a Foreign Language which I have had on repeat since it came out. I adore it and cannot wait to see them live again next year. Finally, I still have Harry’s House by Harry Styles on repeat and I am still not bored of it.

Currently I’m Watching…

Me and David are now quite a way into watching Boardwalk Empire. We are both loving it and can’t wait to see what happens. We are still watching this years season of The Great British Bake Off. I adore it! Finally, I’ve started re-watching Superstore because it is a comfort show for me.

That is everything that I am currently reading, listening to and watching at the minute. What are your currents? Let me know in comments below!

2 thoughts on “Currently I’m…

  1. I’m currently reading Dracula by Bram Stoker & Cell by Stephen King and I plan to start Cone One, Come All by E. Gilliland.

    I’ve mostly been listening to the Heartstopper mixtape on Spotify. It’s been on repeat for weeks but I’ve also found some new songs to listen to like Unholy by Sam Smith & Take Me Home by Jess Glynne to name a couple.

    As for what I’m watching I’ve still be watching Heartstopper season 1 over and over again. I’m pretty much still watching it daily. That’s the only show I’ve really been watching lately. I’ve been watching some movies this month but recently I started rewatching the Jurassic Park movies. So far I’ve only watched the first 2.

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    1. I really want to read Dracula at some point! We recently visited Whitby and it sparked me wanting to read it.

      The Heartstopper soundtrack is amazing as is the show itself. I can’t wait for the new season!

      I really need to watch the Jurassic Park films!

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