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Top 5 Wednesday: Fictional Jobs I’d Want to Have


Hi all, it’s Lois, hope you are doing well. Here we go with this weeks Top 5 Wednesday, fictional jobs I’d want to have.

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Without further ado, here are my top 5 fictional jobs I’d want to have.

1) FBI on the X-Files

x-filesThis one is a funny one. After watching the X-Files last year it made me want to work for the FBI but specifically on the X-Files. They would fascinate me and I would just get lost in all of the work they gave me. Plus it would be a bonus if Sculley and Mulder were there and I could join their little group.

2) Carer of Magical Creatures

fb-vc-2255r.jpgI feel as though this one would be perfect not only for me but for David as well. We are both huge animal lovers and really care for animals. I would absolutely love to have a little Bowtruckle sitting on my shoulder or in my pocket. I think that would really make my day. As seen as I won’t get lucky enough to be an animal carer in real life (other than pets), I will have the fictional option instead.

3) Headmaster at Hogwarts

harry-potter-fans-are-freaking-out-over-a-theory-about-dumbledore-that-makes-a-lot-of-sense.jpgThis one is ambitious. I could have easily gone for the role of a teacher at Hogwarts, but they do say aim high. I would be able to teach at Hogwarts, as well as suddenly shouting “10 points for Gryffindor”. Plus I feel as though I would love helping students if they were in need. I would love to just be a role model to even one student. If someone looked up to me that would be spectacular.

4) Pokemon Gym Leader

kantobadgesI love playing Pokemon, be it Pokemon Go or the Nintendo console games. I would love to lead a gym and have Pokemon trainers come and fight me. Not only would I be helping them get better at training Pokemon but I would also be able to hand out badges to people from my own gym and I think that would be pretty sweet. Plus I would have my own Pokemon, I would love my own little Wooper and a little Gengar.

5) Book Designer

Now this one isn’t actually a fictional job this one is a real one. But, I really to be able to design book covers for a living. I love graphic design and I love books so I would love to be able to combine both loves. This is a fictional job in the sense that I would be designing fictional book covers. But, this really is a dream of mine. If I could ever get this job I would be so happy.

There you have it, this weeks Top 5 Wednesday, fictional jobs I’d want to have. Comment below fictional jobs you’d want to have as well as links to your T5w!

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8 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Fictional Jobs I’d Want to Have

  1. Great picks! Carer of Magical creatures would be AWESOME! Why didn’t I thin of that? Haha. I also picked teacher at Hogwarts, almost the same as you. Book designer would also be an awesome job.


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