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Bookish Confessions

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I have been meaning to do a bookish confessions post for a long time now! What better time to actually do one than in Blogtober! I sat down and thought about as many confessions as I can and even with the list I have created I know there will be more in the future! Here are my bookish confessions!

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cesar-viteri-426877-unsplashI hoard books

Recently a lot of my friends have been unhauling their books, giving them away and donating them and I am so envious. I want to donate and give away some of my books but I don’t want to be parted with some of my books. Even though some of them I won’t read any time soon or at all, I can’t make myself unhaul them!

karim-ghantous-333364-unsplashI haven’t read any classics

I tried to read a few classic whilst in high school but couldn’t get into any of them. I tried again in college but to no avail. So, I have never read any classics. I own The Great Gatsby and 1984 but haven’t read a single page of either of them. I don’t know what it is about classics but I just can’t get into them.

annie-spratt-749650-unsplash.jpgI am always drawn in by a good book cover

I cannot help but buy a book if it has a beautifully designed cover. I have always been drawn in by a good cover and I think cover designs have influenced me to be in the job I am now. Beautiful cover instantly take my eye and I love them even more if they have hidden details that you’ll only know if you have read the book.

brandi-redd-595063-unsplash.jpgI am terrible at reading series

I cannot read series or keep up with a series at all. I started the Illuminae Files series this year in the hope to finish the series this year. I haven’t even picked up the second book yet. I just seem to read one book and be happy that the story is over and don’t mind for more. Even if the book ends on a cliffhanger.

paul-schafer-787418-unsplash.jpgI am not a fan of fantasy books

I am not likely to pick up a fantasy novel out of choice. I will always pick a contemporary book over a fantasy book. There are some exceptions where I have really enjoyed a fantasy book though. I just have a problem with understanding all the different things that are in fantasy books in comparison to contemporary books.

jonas-jacobsson-545909-unsplash.jpgI hate cracking book spines

I am terrible when it comes to cracking spines. I hate doing it and get mad if I accidsently crack the spines of one of the books I am reading. I know it makes the book look read but I just hate doing it. I think they look nicer on a shelf if the spine is intact.


There you have it, a few of my bookish confessions. I’m sure I will be doing another post like this in the future! What are your bookish confessions? Let me know in the comments!

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