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Paper Avalanche – Lisa Williamson

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Ro Snow is an expert at flying under the radar. She has no friends, doesn’t talk to boys, doesn’t go to parties and most of all doesn’t allow visitors to her house. Ro Snow likes it that way because having friends would only make her life even more complicated. When the “new girl” Tanvi Shah want to befriend Ro, Ro begins to bring down her walls and soften to the company of others. This does complicate things for Ro though; especially with her mother, Bonnie.

37658988I absolutely devoured this book. This is the first book for me in a long time which I couldn’t stop reading and didn’t want to put down. I read this book at every opportunity I could because I was so drawn into the story. This book captivated me and I loved every second I spent reading it. Lisa Williamson is an excellent writer and this book shows you exactly how captivating her writing is.

Paper Avalanche is a story of a friendship. Ro Snow releases that having friends isn’t a bad thing after all, in fact friends can be the best part of your life. Ro Snow does all this whilst figuring out who she is, how to deal with the issues she has at home and how she fits in with the world. Lisa Williamson has created an amazing story that is filled with wonderful characters.

I loved Ro’s character. Ro is a big worrier, who is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. Ro doesn’t understand how to tackle the issues she is facing in the best way possible. Ro is an incredibly strong young girl who has spent years of her life dealing with these issues but she hasn’t let it affect her life. When Tanvi was added into the picture, I instantly loved her character. She is a bubbly free-spirited girl who just brings so much joy into the book. Tanvi made me smile continuously throughout the book and she is a breath of fresh air for the story and for Ro. At the start Ro is completely deadpan with Tanvi and doesn’t want anything to do with her. Ro seems to be trying to push Tanvi out of her life so that she is alone again. But Ro soon realises that Tanvi isn’t going anywhere and their friendship begins to blossoms. Their friendship made the book for me in many ways. There is a lot going on in this book but this was the part that shone through everything for me.

This book tackles the issue of hoarding. I won’t go into this section of the story too much as I feel it is best to read the book and experience it all first hand. The way in which Lisa Williamson writes about this issue is incredible. It makes you understand just how hard it is for a person to deal with their issue of hoarding. Not only that but how much it affects the people who are surrounding you. Like I said I won’t talk much about this side of the story but I will say it is excellent and is written beautifully.

Overall, this book is an excellent story of friendship, coming of age and dealing with the issues in your life. If you are looking for a story with a wholesome friendship this is the story for you. This book is beautiful and will captivate you right away. Lisa Williamson has done it again with another excellent YA contemporary novel!

Thank you to David Fickling Books and Carolyn McGlone for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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