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What Happened in March?

What Happened in?

I have done so much throughout the month of March. I has felt like such a long month but it has been excellent. I spent time with friends and family, attended book events and went to a lot of concerts! Here is what happened in March!

LineWhat I Rea.jpg

I have had another pretty good reading month. I didn’t read as many books as last month but I still read a lot! I wrote a full post along with mini reviews about the books I read in March and you can find that here. I reads a total of 4 books this month and here they are!

  • On the Come Up by Angie Thomas (Novel) 5‘s
  • The Truth About Keeping Secrets by Savannah Brown (Novel) 4‘s
  • All the Invisible Things by Orlagh Collins (Novel) 4‘s
  • Hilda and the Midnight Giant by Luke Pearson (Graphic Novel) 4‘s

Top 5 Posts.jpg

I have had another good blogging month! I posted as much as I wanted to, came up with even more blog post ideas for this month and next month! I am fully in a blogging stride at the minute! Here are my top 5 posts for March.

LineReading Goal.jpg

CaptureI am happy with the progress I have made with my rewarding goal for March. I am not upping my reading goal just yet but I will be doing very soon. I am still putting aside £5 for every book I read this year and saving it all up! So, I currently have a total of £45 saved up for the year!

LinePersonal Update.jpg

This month has practically been non-stop for me! I have been to 5 concerts and 2 book events throughout the month! I can’t quite believe I have had the opportunity to go to all of these this month!

I started the month out by going to a Twenty One Pilots concert. This is quite honestly the most incredible concert I have ever been to. The concert has such an electric atmosphere and the band were incredible.

Next up was the Angie Thomas event! This event was incredible and I actually did a recap of this that you can find here. I love attending book events with friends and they are even better when the author is extraordinary to listen to!

A couple of weeks later I attended the Northern Ya Literary Festival and had an absolute blast! I spent a full day with my bookish best friends, talked about books and attended a lot of panels. You can find my recap of this event here! After NYA Lit Fest I travelled quickly to Manchester to go and see George Ezra live in concert. It was such a pack day but both events were excellent.

Towards the end of the month I ended three more concerts, Dodie, Busted and Panic! at the Disco. All three of these concerts were incredible and unforgettable. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have been to so many concerts this month.

Not much else has happened this month. I am going through a process of trying to work out what job I would like to pursue as a forever job and whether or not I want to go back to university to get a full degree. I am looking into this more throughout April and hopefully I can make a good decision!

March has been an incredible month and I cannot wait to see what April holds! I am going to even more book events and I even get to watch my Mum run the London Marathon!

Untitled design.pngLineThat’s it March is over. I cannot wait to see what April holds. What has your March been like and what have you read? Let me know in the comments below!Happy Reading

21 thoughts on “What Happened in March?

  1. How exciting that you were able to attend so many events, bookish AND musical! I also read On the Come Up in march. I’m so glad you enjoyed it as well 🙂
    Happy reading!

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