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What I’m Taking to NYA Lit Fest!

What I'm Taking to NYA

This Saturday 16th March is the second ever Northern YA Literary Festival and I am beyond excited to attend again! There are so many incredible authors attending this event this year and a lot of panels that I cannot wait to sit and listen to. One exciting thing about this years event is that me and Jenn will be introducing the Inclusiveness in YA panel! I have never introduced a panel before and I am nervous but I also cannot wait!

Northern YA was the first event spread across a day that I went to last year and I was not prepared. This year I want to be prepared but also potentially help others who don’t know what to bring to the event. So, here is what I will be taking to NYA Lit Fest!


fjallraven-kanken-classic-bag-purple-p981-8305_imageThis to me is potentially the most important thing to bring to any event. Not only will I be carrying a lot around throughout the day but I may be picking things up at the event and I will need somewhere to put the things I pick up. My backpack is quite big and fits everything I need inside of it with ease.

If you are going to any event like this taking a backpack is one of the best things you can do. If you are carrying a lot of books around or items in general, bags get heavy. If you have a backpack the weight is evenly distributed across your back and it really helps me with back pain and keeping myself happy throughout the day.


I cannot go to a book event without taking books. I will be taking books to this event to get signed but I am also going to be taking a book that I will be reading on my journey to and from the event. There is going to be signings throughout the day at NYA Lit Fest with the authors attending and if you are wondering who is attending and when they will be signing books, check out the event programme. I have gone through the programme with a fine toothpick so that I don’t forget to bring any books because I did that when I went to YALC last year and I was distraught. I am prepared for NYA Lit Fest this year though and these are the books I am going to be bringing to get signed:

  • brandi-redd-595063-unsplashAfter the Fire by Will Hill
  • Trouble by Non Pratt
  • Truth or Dare by Non Pratt
  • Rosie Loves Jack by Mel Darbon
  • A Girl Called Shameless by Laura Steven
  • Paper Avalanches by Lisa Williamson
  • Fierce Fragile Hearts by Sara Barnard
  • Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman

This is exactly the reason I will be taking a backpack! I will be taking a total of 8 books and potentially buying more at the event so I want to keep my back and me happy throughout the day!

Notebook and Pen

ian-schneider-59335-unsplash.jpgNow this is something I think not many people do at events. I am not a fan of writing notes down on my phone and would much rather have it all in a notebook. I like taking notes at panels because I love writing event recap posts.

I am planning on doing a recap post for NYA and want to keep notes throughout the day and at panels. So, I am going to take a notebook and pen so I can take notes but I also have my phone just in case I want to take a note quickly and my notebook isn’t in my hand!


keegan-houser-676103-unsplash.jpgIt costs absolutely nothing to go to the event itself or the panels throughout the event. But there will be stalls and opportunities to buy things throughout the day. I am going to be taking money (hopefully not to buy more books as I am on a book buying ban!) but so that I can buy things from stalls if I see something that I like. There are two stalls I know about at NYA this year and I will certainly be looking at both of them!

My wonderful friend Fiona will be there selling her pins, bookmarks and more! Keep an eye on Fiona’s Instagram to see when she is taking with her. Also, have a look at her shop to see the other things she will be selling in the future. The other lovely lady I know who has a stall at NYA is Jenn who I am introducing the panel with! Keep an eye on her Twitter and shop to see what she is bringing to NYA. I love supporting small independant businesses and wold love to support these lovely ladies. So I will be bringing some money so I can buy things I like!

Other Things

There are a few other things that I will be taking that I’m sure not everyone will want to take but I feel like these items are things that will make sure the day runs smoothly for me!

  • rahul-bhogal-1334082-unsplash.jpgTote Bags – Just in case my backpack does end up being full, I am going to take spare tote bags so that I have an easy alternative to carry things.
  • Tickets – These are important! I am going to be printing out and taking my tickets for the event as well as each panel that I will be attending. Although I can access them on my phone I will be much more at ease having them printed.
  • Comfy Shoes – At these events you walk around a lot and my feet tend to hurt after a lot of walking. I am going to be wearing comfy shoes to help my little feet with all the walking!
  • Power Bank – I will be using my phone a lot throughout the day to Tweet, take pictures and message people. So, I want to have a power bank with me so that if my phone does run out of charge I have the ability to recharge it wherever I am.
  • Water – I am going to be taking a reusable water bottle with me so that I keep hydrated throughout the day. I can refill it if it is empty and make sure I am drinking enough throughout the day.

I think that is all that I will be taking to NYA Lit Fest but I am sure I have forgotten a few things. I hope this helps you pack your bags for this wonderful event or book events in the future! What do you take to book events and have a forgotten anything from this list? Let me know in the comments!

If you want to attend the wonderful Northern YA Literary Festival in Preston on Saturday 16th March 2019, have a look at the website for all the information you need to attend and get tickets!Happy Reading

21 thoughts on “What I’m Taking to NYA Lit Fest!

  1. I also think it is better to have physical cash on hand because even though they say the stalls will have card readers, you never know if they will work properly or not. I had that at YALC and it made it easier to use cash. Also it is better if you are going there on a budget. I will know not to go crazy if I have a certain amount of cash in my purse.

    A notebook and pen is also a good idea. They have actually recommended that people take one, especially if attending the Creative Writing workshop in the morning.

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  2. This is such a helpful list of things to bring. I am going to YALLwest this year for the second time and I was very unprepared the last time. So I will definitely be referencing this post haha. I like writing physical notes as well, rather than on my phone.

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      1. Me too, especially as the panels were on fantastic subjects & I love Akemi Bowman. Next time there will be backups for everything so I will definitely be there! I am glad everyone else seems to have had such a lovely time though πŸ™‚

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  3. I actually looked at this before I went on Saturday and ended taking my husband’s backpack πŸ‘πŸ»


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