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My Secret Lies with You – Faye Bird

Book Review

A story of three close friends, two unforgettable summers and one girl’s darkest secrets. Alys suddenly appeared last summer and then vanished as quickly as she appeared. Cait is new in town and needs to know the truth about Alys.


I have been looking forward to read this book for such a long time, since way back when Usborne released their chapter sampler at the start of the year. It had grabbed my attention right away and now having read the full book it managed to keep my attention.

This is the perfect book to pick up in the summer if you are looking for friends, gossip, holidays, twists and just a fun read overall. It is a quick read that I feel would be perfect for a train/car/plane journey. I absolutely flew through this book which made me enjoy it even more. I love a book that I can just fly through in a couple of sittings.

I loved how this book was spilt into sections, this year and then last year. This made reading the book easier because each section wasn’t too long and there wasn’t too much information in each section for you to remember.

This book is marketed as a mystery but I feel like it isn’t the typical YA mystery. I’ve read a lot of YA mystery books recently and most of the time they have a huge twist and the mystery is the main element of the story. This book doesn’t have your typical huge twist and there is more to the book than just a mystery. This didn’t make me enjoy the book any less, in fact it made me enjoy the book a little more. Each section and chapters brings you something new to read and another little mystery to work out.

I liked every character in this book and they all stood out to me in different ways. With all the characters throughout the book, Faye does an excellent job at portraying beautiful friendships. My only issue with a couple of these friendships is that this book made it seem as though you can’t do anything unless you have friends and are surrounded by them. This happened a couple of times throughout the book but it didn’t stop me enjoying the book overall.

I think I read this book potentially at the wrong time as something is about halfway through the book that I was not expecting to happen. That event had just happened to me that same day I read it in the book, so I struggled to read that section and it made me think about that section a lot whilst reading. This didn’t stop me enjoying this book though.

Faye Bird has written a beautiful and fast-paced YA summer Mystery/Contemporary book that I thoroughly enjoyed. I will certainly be recommending to anyone who is looking for a quick-read filled with mystery, friendship and fun


Be sure to keep your eye out for my spot on the My Secret Lies with You blog tour on the 13th June! I will have a wonderful guest post from Faye Bird, in which she talks all about her favourite mysteries!

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