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What Happened in 2019?

What Happened in?It is the last days of 2019 and the last day of the decade! I cannot believe that tomorrow it is will be 2020, it feels like this past year has flown by. I thought it would be fun to look back on all my “What Happened in?” posts and see what has happened throughout 2019! Here is what happened in 2019!LineJanuary.png

I started January off by watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show with some wonderful friends. Then I went to see Hamilton in London with my Mum and we all know that Hamilton is always perfect. This was my first ever time seeing Hamilton live after loving it for years and as you can imagine there were tears. Then I went to see The 1975 with my sister and the TEENSgate blogger meet-up and January was over!


At the start of February I went to the in conversation with L.C Rosen and Simon James Green event at Waterstones. I got to attend the event and also interview Simon and Lev who were lovely and absolutely hilarious! Then I went out for brunch with some wonderful pals for Sarah’s birthday and I ate some excellent waffles. Then I had the incredible opportunity to interview Laure Eve who was incredibly lovely. Also in February I sold my first ever design piece!

Untitled design.png


March was a non-stop month it seems. I went to 5 concerts and 2 book events throughout the month. I started the month out by going to a Twenty One Pilots concert. This is quite honestly the most incredible concert I have ever been to and I still stand by this at the end of 2019! Next up was the Angie Thomas event! This event was incredible!

A couple of weeks later I attended the Northern YA Literary Festival and had an absolute blast! I spent a full day with my bookish best friends, talked about books and attended a lot of panels. The same day I travelled to Manchester to go and see George Ezra live in concert. It was such a pack day but both events were excellent. Towards the end of the month I ended three more concerts, Dodie, Busted and Panic! at the Disco. All three of these concerts were incredible and unforgettable. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have been to so many concerts in March!

Untitled design.png


April was yet another busy month for me. I started April out by going to one of my favourite places, Brockholes Nature Reserve. Then I went to another TEENSgate blogger event. Then I went to another book event! This event was the Queenie event. Candice Carty-Willams came to Manchester to talk about Queenie and to answer any questions that the Northern Bloggers had for her. Next up was the Samantha Shannon event! I was extremely excited about this event. Even though I have never read Samantha Shannon’s books I love listening to what she has to say at events.

Right at the end of April I went to London to watch my Mum run the London Marathon! I cannot quite believe that my Mum ran her second marathon and I got to watch her! I am so proud of her and it was the excellent end to April!

Untitled design.png


May started out with me spending the weekend in Liverpool with my sister Katie where we shopped, ate food and even saw The Vamps in concert. The next event I went to was the Catfish and the Bottlemen concert in Manchester! They are spectacular live and I would love to see them again soon (spoiler alert! I got to see them again in November!).

Halfway through May I spent a spectacular day with a couple of my best friends Sarah and Sophie doing non-bookish things. We went to a trampolining park, had brunch, eat cake and chatted endlessly. I had such a wonderful day with these lovely ladies!

There was another book event in May and it was the Ashley Poston and Susan Dennard in conversation at Waterstones Deansgate. This event was wonderful and I had a lovely time.

Very close to the end of the month I was involved in a car accident. I was travelling to work one morning when another person crashed into me and caused a lot of damage to my car. I am still to see what happens with the whole situation as the accident wasn’t my fault. I am still in a lot of pain thanks to this crash and it makes doing ‘simple tasks’ extremely difficult.

Untitled design.png


June was Lanzarote month! I started out June in my favourite place, Lanzarote. David and I went to Lanzarote for the third time for 10 days to relax and have a good time. It was a nice way to relax but also to celebrate being together for 4 years.

When I got back from my holiday the wheels were set in motion for my job change. Then I went to the cinema for the first time in about a year this month to watch Toy Story 4. What a film is all I will say!

Untitled design


July meant starting my new job as a Library Assistant! I also went to see the new Spider-Man Far from Home movie in the cinema with my sister at the beginning of the month. I adore Spider-Man and Marvel films and this one has instantly become my favourite and after watching it again recently it still is.

This month was also my sister’s 18th birthday and my boyfriend university graduation! These both happened on the same day but were both lovely and I had a lot of fun. Finally in July I attended YALC! As always this was a spectacular event and the best weekend possible!



August was the month of meals! One was for my Nana’s 80th birthday and another was to celebrate my sister’s college results! Both of the meals were lovely and it was so nice to go our and celebrate such big occasions.

In the middle of the month I spent a wonderful weekend with two of my best friends. Sarah, Sophie and I went to watch The Book of Mormon in Manchester together (which is hilarious!), we ate pizza and had a lovely time. The day after the theatre, me and Sarah spent a full day relaxing, reading books and watching teen movies and it was just the best day!

This month ended with me going on holiday to Sicily with my boyfriend and his parents.



I started out September in Catania airport with a 3 and a half hour delay coming home from Sicily. It wasn’t the best way to end a holiday but I still had a wonderful time.

Within a few days of being home I went to watch Danny Jones on tour in Manchester with a couple of my favourite people, Sarah and Charlotte. This was such a fun gig and made me wish that McFly would come back. Then less than 2 weeks later my wish was granted! McFly announced they would be doing a comeback show in London in November. Of course I had to buy tickets to this! Then a week after that they announced that they would be doing a full tour. So, more tickets were bought and I cannot wait to see them.

I bought a few more concert tickets in September too! I am going to the Hella Mega tour with Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer next year and I am going to see The 1975 twice too! I cannot wait for all these concerts!

September was the month I got to finally meet one of my role models. I finally met Dougie Poynter and I cannot quite believe it. He was so lovely and it was such a wonderful experience! Thank you Dougie!

Right at the end of September, I got to spend a wonderful weekend before my birthday with Sarah, Sophie and Charlotte. We had such an amazing time doing all sorts of things and I cannot wait to be with these girls again.



I started out October spending the weekend in Edinburgh with my boyfriend for my 22nd birthday which was lovely!

Then the month went downhill very suddenly. My boyfriend’s dog Bella died suddenly this month and none of us were expecting it. She was my best friend and slept in the bed with me whenever I was there so there is a huge void in my life without her. I still miss her terribly and it is so weird no having her around still and it feels odd to be going into a new year without her.

To give me and David a pick-me-up we went on a nice little date day. We took a trip to a local arcade club and played a lot of video games and then went for a lovely meal. It was well needed and kept us busy when we needed it.

Untitled design (1)


November started with me going on a day out with my wonderful boyfriend David to a local town and its aquarium. November was the month that I finally got a bookshelf for my room! That’s right, I finally own a bookshelf!

November was filled with concerts and shows once again! I went to see Catfish and the Bottlemen in Liverpool with my sister and Dad. They were amazing as expected! Towards the end of the month I went to see McFly and boy am I glad they are back. They concert was beyond incredible! Then I went to see my favourite podcast live! I finally saw My Favorite Murder live and what an excellent night it was!



December started with me going on a day out with my wonderful boyfriend David to a local town and our favourite nature reserve, Brockholes! It was both my parent’s birthdays this month so I had a lot of fun celebrating with them and surprising them with their presents.

When I wasn’t ill or at work this month I spent a lot of my time Christmas shopping and rewatching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. At the end of the month, I got a wonderful 6 days off work thanks to the Christmas break and it was excellent. I relaxed, I read lots and spent some quality time with my family!


There you have that 2019 is over and that is everything that happened this year!. I cannot wait to see what 2020 holds. What has your 2019 been like? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Reading

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