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What Happened in December?

What Happened in?

How in the world is it nearly 2020? I cannot believe in a number of days we will be in 2020! I did a lot in December and read a lot of books. Here is what happened in December!Line

What I Rea.jpg

This month has been another whirlwind for me when it comes to reading. I read a lot of books, way more than I expected to read. I read 4 novels this month and then 9 graphic novels and short stories! Here is what I read in December!

  • The Wrong Side of Kai by Estelle Maskame – 3‘s
  • Hilda and the Bird Parade by Luke Pearson – 4‘s
  • Hilda and the Stone Forest by Luke Pearson – 4‘s
  • Hilda and the Black Hound by Luke Pearson – 4‘s
  • Hilda and the Mountain King by Luke Pearson – 4‘s
  • Everyone’s a aliebn when ur a aliebn too by Jomny Sun – 4‘s
  • How Winston Delivered Christmas by Alex T. Smith – 4‘s
  • Butterflies for Grandpa Joe by Nicola Davies – 4‘s
  • I Am Perfectly Designed by Karamo Brown – 4‘s
  • Brave by Svetlana Chmakova – 4‘s
  • The Sky is Mine by Amy Beashel – 4‘s
  • Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen – 4‘s
  • What I Leave Behind by Alison McGhee – 4‘sLine

Top 5 Posts.jpg

December has been another good blogging month for me and I managed to keep up with my blog plan despite being really busy and ill. I love planning ahead when it comes to blogging, it helps me to figure out what I’m doing and get more ideas throughout the month. Here are my top 5 posts for December!


Reading Goal.jpg

Now we are nearing the end of the year and looking back on my reading goal I cannot believe how many books I have actually read this year! Whilst writing this I have read93 books this year which is absolutely insane! I am now hoping if I am lucky enough to reach 100 books read by the end of 2019! I am still putting aside £5 for every book I read this year and saving it all up so if I do read 100 books in total I will have saved up £500! I don’t know what to do with this money just yet but I am so proud I have kept this up all year! This is the highest amount of books I have ever read in a single year and I am so proud of myself!Line

Personal Update.jpg

This month started with me going on a day out with my wonderful boyfriend David to a local town and our favourite nature reserve, Brockholes. We go there all the time but we still find new things these new paths and it is just a wonderful place.

Sadly this month I had to miss Sarah and Sophie’s LGBTQ+ book club because I had the flu. I will be attending in January though no matter what!

It was both my parent’s birthdays this month so I had a lot of fun celebrating with them and surprising them with their presents.

When I wasn’t ill or at work this month I spent a lot of my time Christmas shopping and rewatching Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

At the end of the month, I got a wonderful 6 days off work thanks to the Christmas break and it was excellent. I relaxed, I read lots and spent some quality time with my family!


That’s it December is over. I cannot wait to see what January and 2020 holds. What has your December been like and what have you read? Let me know in the comments below!
Happy Reading

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