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Books I Could Talk About Forever – Part Two

foreverHello again! I am back again with part two of my books I could talk about forever! I love talking about and sharing my thoughts on books I have loved and still love. I recently posted part one which contains a lot of books I could talk about forever. You can find part one, here. Here is part two!LineThe Gravity of Us by Phil Stamper 

2020-03-28 01.03.19 1.jpg

“As a successful social media journalist with half a million followers, seventeen-year-old Cal is used to sharing his life online. But when his pilot father is selected for a highly publicized NASA mission to Mars, Cal and his family relocate from Brooklyn to Houston and are thrust into a media circus.

Amidst the chaos, Cal meets sensitive and mysterious Leon, another “Astrokid,” and finds himself falling head over heels—fast. As the frenzy around the mission grows, so does their connection. But when secrets about the program are uncovered, Cal must find a way to reveal the truth without hurting the people who have become most important to him.”

This is an adorable book with a nice hint of space and science weaved throughout. I loved the romance in this book and the development of the characters. This is only Phil Stamper’s first book and I cannot wait to see what he writes in the future! I loved this book a lot and will be talking about it a lot when it is out in the UK.

The Pieces of Ourselves by Maggie Harcourt

2020-04-14 01.38.30 1.jpg

Flora doesn’t do people”, not since the Incident that led to her leaving school midway through her GCSEs. The Incident that led to her being diagnosed with bipolar II. The Incident that left her in pieces. Until Hal arrives. He’s researching a story about a missing World War I soldier, and he wants Flora’s help. Flora used to love history before the Incident, but spending so much time with Hal is her worst nightmare. Yet as they begin to piece together the life of the missing soldier, a life of lost love, secrets and lies, Flora finds a piece of herself falling for Hal.

A cute and eye-opening story with a mystery throughout. I loved the historical element of this story and feel as though it is something I will remember for years to come. This book tackles relevant and not usually openly discussed topics and does it incredibly. I wrote a full review of this book which you can find here.

First Day of My Life by Lisa Williamson

2020-03-12 12.08.38 1.jpg

“Three friends, a stolen baby and a tangled web of lies. Everything is about to change. First Day of my Life is not what you expect, and it’s not who you suspect either. A baby has been stolen. But there are three sides to this story – three people bonded by friendship and torn apart by the unpredictability of life. Frankie, Jojo and Ram. It is a reminder to us all that every day has the potential to be the first day of the rest of your life.”

I only read this book a matter of days ago and it is a book I know I am going to be raving about for years to come. I couldn’t put this book down and I was so invested in the story, the character development and the lessons this book could teach me. This book taught me a lot and I love it a lot. Lisa Williamson has written a book everyone needs to read!

Faceless by Alyssa Sheinmel

28105868._SY475_“When Maisie Winters wakes up, she’s in the hospital.

The last thing she remembers is running through the hills of her neighbourhood one misty morning. Slowly, she puts the pieces together. Before she could make it home, a storm gathered. Lightning hit a power line and sparks rained down, the hot-burning electrical fire consuming her. Destroying her face. Where her nose, cheeks, and chin used to be, now there is…nothing.”

It has been a couple of years since I last read this book but I still love it with my whole heart. I read this book days after it was released and then read it over and over again. I love this book a lot and highly highly recommend it!LineWhat books could you talk about forever and which books would you highly recommend? Let me know in the comments below. Be sure to look check out part one of this series here!Happy Reading

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