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My Favourite Alice Oseman Characters!


Hello all! I hope you are all keeping well. Recently Sarah and Sophie of The Little Contemporary Corner and Jaz of Travels in Fiction all co-read Radio Silence by Alice Oseman and we all adored it. As soon as we finished reading it we all wanted to write a post or film a video to share our love for Alice Oseman. Charlotte from Wonderfully Bookish also read Radio Silence recently and wanted to join in our excitement for Alice too.

I’ve read and adored all of Alice Oseman’s books and her characters are all incredible. I do have some favourites though and I wanted to talk about them and why you should read more about them! I am going to be putting images next to each character that the amazingly talented Alice has drawn. So, all credit for the all the amazing images in this post go to Alice Oseman! Be sure to check out Alice’s Twitter, Website, Instagram and Tumblr.

Without further ado, here are my favourite characters from Alice Oseman’s books!


Frances and Aled

Frances Javier

Frances is the main character and narrator in the novel Radio Silence. Frances is such a stand out character for me and that is fo a number of reasons. She is creative, funny and enjoys to wear ‘weird’ clothing. I was instantly drawn into Radio Silence due to Frances narration and then over time couldn’t help but adore her as a character.

Fun Fact: Frances has seen Four Weddings and a Funeral over fifty times!
Nick and Nellie

Nellie Nelson

Nellie is Nick from Heartstopper’s wonderful dog. Nellie is a border collie and although she is quite old for a dog, she is still very energetic and cheerful. I absolutely adore Nellie. I know I am a sucker when it comes to dogs in books but Nellie is extra adorable and her little appearances throughout Heartstopper alway put a huge smile on my face.

Fun Fact: Nellie is an absolute unit!

Jimmy Kaga-Ricci
Jimmy Kaga-Ricci

Jimmy is one of the two main characters/narrators in I Was Born for This. He is the front man of the boyband The Ark. Jimmy is transgender, a Christian and biracial and also has the most adorable Grandad ever. Jimmy is quite possibly my favourite ever character in an Alice Oseman book and will always hold a special place in my heart. Jimmy must be protected at all costs. As a teen Jimmy would have been the boyband member I was obsessed with and it is no different now.

Fun Fact: Jimmy can rap flawlessly.
Aled and Daniel

Daniel Jun

Daniel is Frances and Aled’s friend and a supporting character in the novel Radio Silence. Daniel is studious and quiet and I just think he is wonderful. Daniel to me is a character that doesn’t get enough love and deserves all the love and wonder in the world. I really resinated with Daniel’s character in a number of ways and loved seeing him in Radio Silence.

Fun Fact: Daniel is ‘weirdly excellent’ at Dance Dance Revolution
Rowan and Bliss

Rowan Omondi

Rowan is one of the members of the boyband The Ark and is a huge part of the novel I Was Born for This. I absolutely adore Rowan as he is such a calm and collected person and someone we all need in our lives. He is the ‘mum friend’ and isn’t a fan of how The Ark’s fans are crazy about the band. He would much rather they like the band in a nice and calm way so as to protect his band mates and himself.

Fun Fact: Rowan is childhood friends with Jimmy.
Aled and Daniel

Aled Last

Aled is another main character of the novel Radio Silence. Aled is also the creator of the podcast Universe City. Aled is beyond adorable and must be protected at all costs. Not only is Aled in Radio Silence but Aled can also be seen in Heartstopper as friends with Nick and Charlie. This is all before Aled starts the podcast Universe City. Aled is quiet and creative and is just a well-rounded and amazing character.

Fun Fact: If Aled was at Hogwarts he would be a Ravenclaw.
Nellie, Charlie and Nick

Charlie Spring

Charlie Spring appears in the novel Solitaire and he is also a main character in Hearstopper. Charlie is another of Alice’s characters that I would like to protect at all costs. Charlie overthinks a lot of things and deals with a number of mental health issues but he is an absolute gem of a person. Charlie is Nick’s boyfriend and honestly all I can say without rambling too much is I adore him.

Fun Fact: Charlie is left-handed.
Lister Bird

Lister Bird

Allister ‘Lister’ is one of the three members of The Ark and a huge part of the novel I Was Born for This. Lister is the bad boy of the group and often known as the most attractive member of the band, which he hates. I loved Lister’s character when reading I Was Born for This and he is a character I would love to see more of in the future. Lister is the bad but loveable boy from bands that we all adore.

Fun Fact: Lister is named after the Red Dwarf character ‘Dave Lister’.
Nellie, Charlie and Nick

Nick Nelson

Nick is a main character in both Solitaire and Heartstopper. Nick is Charlie’s boyfriend and he is French-British. Nick is such a cheerful and soft-hearted boy. Nick comes to terms with his sexuality in the Hearstopper graphic novels and he is such a good egg. Nick is so caring and I would do anything for him.

Fun Fact: Nick likes the way fountain pens make handwriting look.

Bliss Lai

Bliss is one of the core characters in I Was Born for This and the Alice Oseman character that I relate to the most. Bliss is Rowan from The Ark’s girlfriend and she is queen. Bliss has the exact same dress style as me and I adore her. Although she doesn’t play a huge part in I Was Born for This, she made an impact on me and I am sure on other people too.

Fun Fact: Bliss’ favourite band is All Time Low.


There you have it a long long post all about my love for the characters that Alice Oseman creates. Alice is such an amazing author, artist and an incredibly kind and lovely person who you should all have on your radar.

Alice has a number of books published which I am going to link below, be sure to check them all out and give these wonderful books a read. Make sure you check out and pre-order her latest novel Loveless that comes out in July.


Make sure you also check out Sarah, Sophie, Jaz and Charlotte’s posts which I will link below!

Thank you so much for reading and thank you to Alice for writing amazing books and incredible characters.

Happy Reading

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