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Currently I’m…

I am always really nosy when it comes to seeing what other people are currently reading, listening to and watching. So, to help my own nosiness I started writing a post each month where I shared what I am reading, listening to and watching  here is currently I’m…

Currently I’m Reading…

As always I’m reading more than one book at once. I have a physical book, an audiobook and an eBook on the go at the minute.

The physical book that I’m reading is XOXO by Axie Oh. I’ve been looking forward to reading this one for a long time as I’ve heard amazing things about it. I only started it a couple of days ago but I am already loving it and will share my thoughts when I’ve finished it!

The audiobook that I’m reading is Little & Lion by Brandy Colbert which I was listening to last month as well. I’ve just been making my way through it slowly. We discussed it at book club last month and it raised a lot of things for me about this book so I am looking forward to finishing it.

Then, the eBook I’m reading is The Things We Don’t See by Savannah Brown. I read the authors previous novel a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it so I wanted to give her next a read. I am enjoying it so far and can’t wait to share my thoughts!

Currently I’m Listening to…

I am not listening to all that much at the minute. I have 3 albums that are my go-to listens though. Those are Sour by Olivia Rodrigo which I feel like everyone I know is listening to and I understand why.

I’m also listening to Twenty One Pilots latest album Scaled and Icy which I am also loving! Just like last month I’m listening to Nothing Happens by Wallows which is an excellent album and I would highly recommend listening to it.

Currently I’m Watching…

I’m watching a few things at the moment. I have started watching the Loki series on Disney+ because I am a real sucker for anything Marvel. So far, I am really enjoying it and can’t wait to see where it goes.

I’m still continuing my rewatch of The X-Files with my partner. I love this series so much, it really is my comfort show. We’re a point in the series now where I cannot really remember the episodes which makes it even more fun to watch.

Finally, I’m giving the show Outer Banks which is on Netflix another go. I started it months ago and just got bored of it but I’ve started to give it another go as the second season is being released very soon and I’m more into it this time round!

That is everything that I am currently reading, listening to and watching at the minute. What are your currents? Let me know in comments below!

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