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Solo Cinema Trips

If you’d have told me at the beginning of the year that one of my favourite things would be to visit the cinema on my own, I’d have looked at you bemused. Why would I, a person who hates doing things alone, being left alone and sitting alone in a big room, go to the cinema on my own? Over the past 6 months though this has changed completely.

Going to the cinema on my own, is something I’ve always found terrifying. It is the same fear I have about taking myself on a day out alone. Up until the middle of the year I’d never been to the cinema alone. I always waited to go with someone else and if they did not want to see the film that I did then I waited until I could watch it online. I’ve always wanted to have the courage to watch a film on my own but the fear always stopped me from doing this.

You can imagine my surprise when I suddenly plucked up the courage to take myself to see Black Widow completely alone. It all happened because I had a day off where no one else was free and I was terrified of having Black Widow spoiled for me. So, I booked a ticket to go and see it one Friday afternoon in a quiet cinema nearby. I made sure my seat was far away from anyone else and hidden in a corner because I did not want to be looked at funny for being alone. I know it is a silly thing to fear as so many people go to the cinema on their own but it was all I could think would happen.

The days before I went to the cinema I was so anxious about being alone, being looked at oddly for going alone and just generally panicked to do something alone. When the day arrived, I got to the cinema early, got my treats and sat in my seats ready for the film. Over 2 hours later, the film had finished, I loved it and I’d had a lovely time. It made me realise that even though it is lovely to see films with other people seeing them alone is also wonderful. I’d experienced something on my own, made myself happy and past a few hours of my day. Cinemas themselves aren’t really a social occasion it is talking about the movie afterwards which is the social element. So, to tackle this I discussed the film I’d seen online with people and it was also wonderful.

After seeing Black Widow and knowing how much fun I had had, I immediately booked another trip and it has gone on from there. I have another solo cinema trip booked for this weekend and I cannot wait for it. It makes me very happy to treat myself to a cinema trip, some popcorn and my favourite drink (Dr Pepper Zero Cherry Vanilla).

There is also another benefit to having solo cinema trips which is, you can fully switch off from the world. I find myself getting lost in the films a lot more when I am watching them on my own as I am not looking for other peoples reactions and hoping they are enjoying it. I just have to worry about me and that may seem selfish to some people but it is some self-care and we all need that sometimes.

What I’m trying to say is, it may be scary and nerve-wracking to go to the cinema on the own but you aren’t the only person who is doing it. There are so many other solo cinema goers. I cannot recommend going to the cinema alone enough. Give yourself a treat and look after yourself. Treat yourself to a film, snacks and some time to switch off from the world. I love my solo cinema trips and I’m sure I’ll be doing them for a while to come.

Have you ever been to the cinema on your own? How did you find it? Let me know in the comments below!

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