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Currently I’m…

I’m here with my first currents post of 2022. I started doing these post because of how nosy I was to know what other people are currently watching, reading and listening to. So, to help with my own intrigue, I started these posts. Here is this month’s currently I’m…

Currently I’m Reading…

I hate myself for always being in the middle of so many books but at the same time I do quite enjoy the variety. I currently have two physical books, an eBooks and an audiobook on-the-go at the the moment.

The first physical book is The Revelry by Katherine Webber which I am loving so far. It has a lot of mystery and I’m intrigued to see more of what happens in the rest of the book. The other physical book I’m reading is The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. I’ve been reading this for quite a while now but I can’t give it 100% of my attention so I am taking it slower than normal.

The eBook that I am reading is Fools in Love by Rebecca Barrow, Ashley Herring Blake, Gloria Chao, Mason Deaver, Sara Farizan, Claire Kann, Malinda Lo, Hannah Moskowitz, Natasha Ngan, Rebecca Podos, Lilliam Rivera, Laura Silverman, Amy Spalding, Rebecca Kim Wells, and Julian Winters. This is an anthology of short stories which are all twists on the romantics tales and tropes that we all know and love. I’m loving this one so far. I’ve been reading one story each night before bed which has been fun.

Finally, the audiobook I’m reading this The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon. I thought a book all about radio romance would make sense to be listened to on audiobook. I’m enjoying it so far and cannot wait to see what I think of the whole book.

Currently I’m Listening to…

I’m not listening to much new this month and I’m sticking with listening to my current favourites. So, the Tick Tick… Boom soundtrack has been on repeat since the movie came out. I apologies to anyone that drives past me on my commute where I perform the whole musical, solo! I’m still listening to a lot of Thomas Headon and cannot wait for his latest EP release. On my main playlist you can find a lot of Conan Gray, Joshua Bassett, Lizzy McAlpine and 5SOS.

Currently I’m Watching…

I’ve started watching Euphoria which I am loving so much. I had seen so much hype for the show on Twitter that I had to see what it was all about and honestly it is all well deserved and Zendaya is outstanding. David and I are finally back re-watching The X-Files and I cannot tell you how much love I have for that show. Finally, I’m about to start my re-watch of Stranger Things ahead of season 4!

That is everything that I am currently reading, listening to and watching at the minute. What are your currents? Let me know in comments below!

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