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The Hawthorne Legacy – Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Thank you so much to the publishers and Netgalley for sending me an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review!


The Inheritance Games ended with a bombshell, and now heiress Avery Grambs has to pick up the pieces and find the man who might hold the answers to all of her questions – including why Tobias Hawthorne left his entire fortune to Avery, a virtual stranger, rather than to his own daughters or grandsons.

As the mystery grows and the plot thickens, Grayson and Jameson, the enigmatic and magnetic Hawthorne grandsons, continue to pull Avery in different directions. And there are threats lurking around every corner, as adversaries emerge who will stop at nothing to see Avery out of the picture – by any means necessary.

I’ve been looking forward to reading The Hawthorne Legacy ever since I finished the first book in the series, The Inheritance Games, back in 2020. So, of course I went into this book with high hopes, expectations and a lot of questions. 

The Hawthorne Legacy is an absolutely rollercoaster of a book, that is for sure! I had so many hopes of reading this book in one sitting and quickly too, but life got in the way. I picked up and started this book a couple of times and put it back down because I couldn’t give it the time and energy. The third time I picked it up though, I sped right the way through reading it. It lives up to the first book in the sense that I had to know the answers to the questions and when I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it. Jennifer Lynn Barnes really knows how to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

I’m such a sucker for a romance storyline. Yes, I am not the biggest fan of love triangles but this love triangle is my exception. I adored seeing little bits of romance weaved throughout the mysteries and I am really looking forward to seeing how the romance progresses.

I loved seeing Avery’s journey into the world of billionaires and the way she develops as a character. I cannot wait to compare the Avery we see at the start of the series to the Avery we will see at the end of the series.

I loved seeing more of the Hawthorne brothers in this series and I couldn’t tell you which is my favourite. My one ask for the third book is that we get to see more of Nash and Libby please! I adore them and want to see a lot more of them.

The Hawthorne Legacy is a victim of second book syndrome but despite this I still adored it. A lot of the plot of this book is filler and you can tell it is leading up to an explosive third book. Even then, the ‘filler’ is thrilling and kept me completely hooked on this series.

I was surprised that this book didn’t end on the cliffhanger I was expecting, but it weirdly made me more excited for the third book. I am unsure of where the author will take the series now but I am looking forward to more mysteries, twists, turns and shocking moments. There is clearly so much more to be discovered!

Overall, The Hawthorne Legacy is a thrilling book that will keep you on the edge of the seat. It might not have quite lived up to the first book in the series but it still kept me on my toes. I cannot wait to see what happens in the third book and how all the mysteries will come to an end! If you haven’t read this series yet, I cannot recommend it enough! It will blow you away!

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