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Heartstopper – TV Show Review

Alice Oseman is an author I first picked up a book from in 2014. I picked up Solitaire whilst I was in college and struggling with a number of things. In that book I was introduced to Alice’s writing, her characters and knew I was going to read more books by her as soon as they came out. Nick and Charlie were introduced to me in Solitaire and have always been characters I’ve adored. Years later, many Alice Oseman books later, she is still a favourite author of mine and Nick and Charlie are still some of my favourite fictional characters!

So, I could not contain my excitement when I found out that the Heartstopper series was being adapted for TV. I was beyond excited to see a series I’ve loved for such a long time made into a TV show. I followed the casting, production and as many behind the scenes things as I could patiently awaiting the day it would be released to the world. I wanted to try and get my thoughts down on the adaptation and give it a little review! A little warning there are some spoilers in this review so if you haven’t read the books or watched the series yet come back after you have!


It has now been out just over 24 hours and I’ve already watched the entire series twice! It met and then exceeded every single one of my expectations. I laughed, I cried and finished the series feeling so much happier and so proud of Alice Oseman, the entire cast and production team.

For those who don’t know, Heartstopper tells the story of 14-year-old Charlie as he develops a crush on 15-year-old, popular rugby player Nick. We watch as they realise their unlikely friendship might be something a little bit more. All whilst they navigate school, friendships and growing up.

Let me tell you, this is quite possibly the loveliest TV series that I have ever seen. The book series already made me incredibly happy and now so has the adaptation. I loved that we got to see little nods towards Alice Oseman’s design and art style in the little animations that appear in moments throughout the series. They appeared a lot when emotions were running high and I feel that allowed me as a viewer to feel those emotions a lot more.

I feel like this TV series, although it has a target audience of young adults, should be watched by everyone. It will open a lot of people’s minds and it will help so many young people to figure out who they are and what they are looking for in life.

Sexuality is explored amazingly in this series. Bisexuality and coming out is handled with so much care. We get to see how a person may struggle to come to terms with their sexuality and the journey they go on. How some people accept them immediately, whilst other don’t and the affect that can have. The representation in this series is amazing. I’m sure it will help so many people to figure out their own sexuality. This is thanks to the amazing representation and different storylines covering different sexualities.

The cast of this series is amazing! Kit Connor and Joe Locke bring Nick and Charlie to life and embody the characters perfectly. The rest of the cast is incredible. My love for Tao and Elle grew thanks to this adaptation and a special shout out to Nellie who has always had my heart.

For a number of the cast members it is their first ‘big’ roles but you couldn’t tell because their acting is extraordinary and they bring the characters from the series to life right before your eyes. Also, the scream I let out when Olivia Colman appeared as Nick’s mum was unhealthy. Although her role is quite small it has a huge impact when she does appear. There is a bonus Alice Oseman cameo which also made me let out an audible gasp!

The way this show has been filmed is amazing. It is stunning and the cinematography is excellent. I adored seeing little Easter eggs throughout the show. One of my favourite things being guess the book that Isaac is reading. Also, the music throughout this series is spectacular. I want the playlist to listen to the song all the time now. One of my favourite singers, Thomas Headon even featured which was a lovely surprise!

Overall, Heartstopper is wholesome, a series so many people need and will love, has amazing LGBTQ+ representation and I’m sure will make everyone smile. I have definitely found my new comfort TV show! Go and watch Heartstopper now and make sure read the whole series too! I could talk about it all for hours!

5 Stars
Happy Reading

3 thoughts on “Heartstopper – TV Show Review

  1. Ok I am seriously late to this but I finally watched this on September 28th and I’m currently about to start rewatching it for the 7th time in 5 days. That should tell you how obsessed I am with it!! I haven’t noticed the Alice Oseman cameo yet I need to look out for that while I’m watching it next. I season one just the events of volumes 1 & 2? I can’t remember what happens in each volume. I really can’t wait until season 2. I guess I will just continue to watch season 1 everyday until it comes out!!

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