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2022 Goals Recap!

At the start of 2022 I set myself 5 goals. Some were reading goals and others were blogging goals. I wanted to start 2023 by looking back on those goals and seeing if I managed to achieve them. Here is my 2022 goals recap!

Read 75 books

I managed to read 140 books in 2022 which is way more than I expected to read. It is actually the most amount of books I’ve ever read in a year. I made sure to not pressure myself into reading to reach a goal and it helped me to enjoy my books even more.

Support more indie book shops

In 2022 I definitely tried to shop at independent bookshops when I had the opportunity. I would also seek out the indie shops in new towns as oppose to the big bookshops. I pre-ordered a number of my books in 2022, where possible, from indie stores as well. It was lovely and I enjoyed finding new bookshops!

Host a book event

I had the amazing opportunity to host a virtual event this year with two excellent YA authors but I had to turn it down as I was on holiday at the time of the event, which was sad. That being said, I did help to write the questions for the authors and watch the event back when I was home. Maybe 2023 will be the year I finally get to host a book event.

Read a wider range of genres

I read quite a few books in genres that were outside of my comfort zone in 2022. I picked up quite a few more fantasy books and enjoyed them. Also, I gave more sci-fi and dystopian books a go in 2022. I will definitely be trying to widen the genres that I read again in 2023.

Keep up with my social media usage

I have managed to keep up my social media usage throughout 2022. I’ve figure out Pinterest a little more and use it regularly. Also, I post quite often on TikTok. I still don’t really get along with Instagram but thats okay! I feel like I’ve achieved this one and I’m happy.

I think I did quite well with my 2022 goals. How did you do with your 2022 goals? Let me know in the comments below!

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