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Currently I’m…

I’m one of those people who always asks others what they are reading, watching and listening to. So, I started doing the ‘Currently I’m…‘ posts to share my current books, TV shows and songs for other people who are as curious as I am. Here is what I am currently reading, watching and listening to.

Currently I’m Reading…

I’ve not yet learnt to only reading one book at once. At the moment, I’ve got a physical book, an eBook and an audiobook on-to-go.

The physical book I’m reading is The Undiscovered Deaths of Grace McGill by C. S. Robertson. I started reading this a couple of days ago and it hooked me almost immediately. I cannot wait to see where this one goes and to properly sit down with it and take it all in.

The eBook that I am reading is She is a Haunting by Trang Tranh Tran. Again, I’m not very far into this one but it has me hooked already. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out because I’m sure it will be horrifying and thrilling.

Finally, the audiobook I’m listing to is Five Survive Holly Jackson. I’m quite a ways into this one and I’m not sure what to think of it yet. I’m going to give it time because it may shock me yet!

Currently I’m Listening to…

I have a few albums on repeat at the moment. One of them is Being Funny in a Foreign Language by The 1975. I love this album so much and it has been on repeat since it was released but even more so since seeing them live the other day. Also, Tell Me That It’s Over by Wallows is on repeat. I saw them live earlier this month and it was amazing and I love this album. Finally Georgia by Thomas Headon is back in my most listened to songs. If you’ve not heard it yet, go and listen to it!

Currently I’m Watching…

I’m watching a few random things at the moment. I’ve just started watching the adaptation of The Last of Us which I am blew away by and loving. Also, I’ve nearly watched all of the second season of One of Us is Lying and I’ve enjoyed that one too. Finally, I’m almost finished watching the adaptation of The Flatshare which is amazing! I would highly recommend all of these shows!

That is everything that I am currently reading, listening to and watching at the minute. What are your currents? Let me know in comments below!

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