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TV Shows I’m Currently Loving!

When I’m not reading, I am likely going to be found watching the TV. I love finding new TV shows to watch, re-watching my favourites and seeing if things live up to the hype. So, I thought I would share some TV shows that I am currently loving and would highly recommend. Here they are!

The Last of Us

I cannot tell you how much this TV show has taken over my life. I was one of the people that played this game over and over when it was first released back in 2013. So, you can imagine my excitement but also my apprehension when they announced it was going to be a TV show.

It has completely exceeded all of my expectations already and is sticking so closely to the game that inspired it. I’m beyond excited to watch the rest of the series, look out for little game inspired details and spend time with Joel and Ellie.

The Summer I Turned Pretty

With the second series of this one expected to come out shortly, I’ve recently been re-watching the first series. I adore the book series that inspired this series and enjoy seeing how it has been translated to the screen.

Lola Tung plays Belly perfectly and I cannot wait to see how her relationships with Conrad and Jeremiah changes in series two. There are a couple of scenes from the second book I’d like to see play out on screen too. I’d highly recommend giving this series both a read and a watch!


This is quite easily one of my favourite TV shows of all time. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve re-watched it. It is thrilling, creepy and it always manages to keep me hooked. I watched series four part one in an afternoon and cannot wait to see part two next month.

With all the other series of this one, there has been a book released a few months before. This time round it is going to be a couple of months before we get the fourth book. I think this has helped to keep me on the edge of my seat when watching the show and I’m incredibly excited to read the book in April.

The Flatshare

When I heard about this one, I wasn’t too sure how it would translate from book to screen. I was silly to be skeptical though as it translates excellently. It is adorable, romantic and made me laugh out loud.

Tiffy and Leon are brought to life by Jessica Brown Findlay and Anthony Welsh and I fell in love with their characters instantly. It quickly become one of my favourite adaptations and I cannot recommend it enough.


There you have it, some of the TV shows I’m loving at the moment. What TV shows are you enjoying? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Reading

One thought on “TV Shows I’m Currently Loving!

  1. I recently started watching The Summer I Turned Pretty for the first time. I’m only 3 episodes into it at the moment and honestly I feel like I need to reread the books before watching anymore because it has been a long time since I read them. 6 years to be exact and I’ve forgotten a lot. I don’t remember there being a deb ball in the books for starters.


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