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Currently I’m…

I love asking other people what they are reading, watching and listen to. It is always a fun way to get recommendations and learn a little bit about people. So, I started doing the ‘Currently I’m…‘ posts to share my current reads, TV shows and songs for other people who are just as curious as I am. Here is what I’m currently reading, watching and listening to.

Currently I’m Reading…

I’m doing better than usual with the amount of books I’m reading at once. At the moment I’ve got a physical book and an audiobook on-the-go.

The physical book I’m reading is A Certain Hunger by Chelsea G. Summers. I only started reading this yesterday and I’m enjoying it so far. I’m intrigued about where it could go and I’m sure it is going to hook me in even more.

The audiobook I’m reading is, Do I Know You? by Emily Wibberly and Austin Siegmund-Broka. I’ve been excited to read this one for a while and I’m loving it so far. It is narrated excellently and I’m enjoying the second-chance love trope which I don’t normally do. I’ll definitely share what I think of this one.

Currently I’m Listening to…

I have a few albums on repeat at the moment. I have five seconds flat by Lizzy McAlpine on repeat again. I love this album so much and I’m happy to have it on repeat again. I still have Being Funny in a Foreign Language by The 1975 on repeat. I think I will for the rest of the year if I’m honest and I don’t mind that at all. Finally Georgia by Thomas Headon is still at the top of my most listened to songs. If you’ve not heard it yet, go and listen to it!

Currently I’m Watching…

I’m watching a few different things at the minute. I’m the the middle of a re-watch of YOU. I loved the first half of the 4th season and want to finish my re-watch before the next half is released. I’m all caught up and excited about the adaptation of The Last of Us. It is blowing me away each week and I’m obsessed with it. Finally, me and David have got to the final season of The Wire which has me hooked. It is spectacular.

That is everything that I am currently reading, listening to and watching at the minute. What are your currents? Let me know in comments below!

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