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What If It’s Us – Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera

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Arthur is in New York but only for the Summer. Arthur loves Broadway and if it has taught him anything it is that the universe can gift you with a show-stopping romance when you least expect it. Ben believes the universe needs to keep its nose out of his business. If the universe cared about Ben, he wouldn’t be on the way to the post office with a box of his ex-boyfriend’s things. When Ben and Arthur meet-cute at the post office, what it is that the universe has in store for them?

39704614When I found out that Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli were writing a book together I was ecstatic. I had read all of Adam and Becky’s work previously and adored them all. The idea of two of my favourite authors coming together to write a book made me incredibly happy and I was so excited for this book to me released. It is easily my most anticipated release of 2018.

I went into reading this book not knowing what to expect. I was terrified I wouldn’t enjoy the story and would come out of reading it being disappointed. I was not disappointed at all; this book was extraordinary!

Arthur and Ben are adorable and I formed a love for them both whilst I was reading this book. Arthur and his love for Broadway made me so happy. Ben was a lot more chilled out than Arthur and I loved that about him, he is just adorable all the way throughout the book. I loved all the other characters in What If It’s Us as well. This book incorporates family and friendship in such an amazing way. I loved Arthur and Ben’s family and enjoy every time they were a part of the story. Friendship also plays a big part in this story. Both Ben and Arthur’s friends were excellent additions to the story. Dylan, who is Ben’s best friend was easily my favourite of the friends. Dylan’s input in the story were always hilarious and fun, even when the issues being tackled were serious issues.

Becky and Adam’s writing in this book is incredible. When I first started this book, I was worried that the book and its chapters wouldn’t flow very well and the voices from the different authors would clash. I was so wrong to think this. The writing flowed so well between characters and chapters. The voices of the characters are different but aren’t took different to clash with one another. They still manage to make the character’s flow together and be unique at the same time. Adam and Becky have done an excellent job of writing such a wonderful, unique and lovely young adult contemporary book.

I loved all the pop-culture references throughout the book. Especially the references to Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen. I can see thought how these references could be annoying to those who don’t enjoy pop culture. I loved all the references and feel they added something to the story.

I enjoyed the storyline overall. Although it does seem to me that their relationship moves incredibly quickly and becomes serious incredibly quickly. This didn’t stop me enjoying this book and its story though.

Overall, I loved this book. I cannot recommend it enough. It shares the joy of LGBTQ+ stories and the happiness the can bring. I have my fingers crossed that Adam and Becky will write together again in the future. This book is extraordinary and I loved it so much!

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