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October Goals Recap

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At the beginning of October I set myself some goals that I wanted to complete during the month. I thought it would be good to take a look back to see if I completed these goals over the course of October! Here is my October goals recap!

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 15.30.59Rcesar-viteri-426877-unsplashead 4 books!

I didn’t complete this one this month sadly. I only read 3 books this month but I have reasons for this. I have been so busy over the course of October that I didn’t really have the time to sit down and read throughout the month. This meant I only finished 3 books in October.

david-lezcano-516970-unsplashGet into a proper Instagram schedule!

I sort of did this. I posted more on my Bookstagram this month but not to the degree I wanted to. I took a lot more pictures of books though. I also gave myself even more work by starting an Instagram account for my general photography (@lois_takesphotos). I have managed to get on a schedule for that account though.

1539788268821Take as many pictures in Disneyland as possible!

I certainly did this. I took over 450 pictures whilst I was in Disneyland. I have been sharing these photos over on my photography Instagram (@lois_takesphotos). I have also made a photo album full of 200 of my favourite pictures!

fabiola-penalba-620734-unsplashUse my bullet journal everyday!

I have succeeded with this too! I have been using it every single day in October and I am so much more organised thanks to it. I am planning on using it even more in November as well!

Have an excellent 21st birthday!

Another one that I have succeeded with. I loved my 21st birthday so much and I will never forget all that went on thanks to it!

There you have it, my October goals recap! I am quite happy with what I got completed in October and I am looking to set more goals for myself in November!

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 15.30.59

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