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November Goals

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At the beginning of October I set myself a set of goals for the month. By the end of the month I had completed nearly all of them. Going into November I wanted to set myself another set of goals to see if I could complete them throughout November. Here are my November goals!

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 15.30.59Rpaul-schafer-787418-unsplashead 4 books 

I didn’t get to complete this goal last month as I was way too busy to read a lot of the time. This month I have a lot more time free in which I can read. I plan on reading at least 4 books this month!


david-lezcano-516970-unsplashKeep up with my photography Instagram

I started a photography Instagram account (@lois_takesphotos) last month after coming back from Disneyland Paris. I really want to keep this account going and keep sharing my photography this month. I am hoping it improves over time!

freestocks-org-487556-unsplash.jpgBe organised for Christmas

This year I am looking to be ready for Christmas extremely early (for me). For the past couple of years I have been buying presents up until the 24th December. This year if I manage to have all my presents bought by the end of November I’ll be incredibly happy. I can then spend December wrapping presents and making them look pretty.

estee-janssens-396876-unsplashKeep using my bullet journal

I really enjoyed using my bullet journal last month and want to keep using it this month. I used to for monthly organising, packing lists, shopping lists, interview questions and preparation and much more. It is helping me to stay organised and helps me to plan all in one place!

There you have it, my goals for November! I am excited to see if I complete these over the course of November and then recap on them at the end of the month!

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 15.30.59

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