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TEENSgate Blogger Event Recap – April

Event Recap

On Sunday I went to the latest TEENSgate blogger event! I love going to these events because they are always a lot of fun, well organised and just a lovely way to spend your afternoon. This blogger event was themed around The Truth About Keeping Secrets by Savannah Brown! Here is my event recap!


IMG_20190407_142439I got into Manchester early for this event but for a very particular reason! To go and eat a birthday brunch with Sarah and Sophie from The Little Contemporary Corner. It was Sophie’s birthday last week, so Sarah and I thought we would treat Sophie to a birthday brunch! I didn’t take any pictures at the brunch because I got too caught up in the conversation and eating my delicious chicken and waffles! Brunch was delightful!

Then we went and browsed a few shops before walking to the Waterstones cafe to read. Here we met with all the other lovely people attending the blogger event! We all sat and chatted whilst we waited to go into the event!

IMG_20190407_142439-ANIMATIONAs soon as we walked into the event we were greeted with goodies! The lovely publishers Penguin had gifted us with a few wonderful things. They had sent a couple of boxes full of Cadbury’s chocolate eggs which were very quickly eaten! We also got beautiful “I’m wondering what to read next!” enamel pins.

There were a couple of opportunities for us bloggers at the event too, we had the chance to win a copy of The Truth About Keeping Secrets! Also, there was the chance to win an interview with the author of The Truth About Keeping Secrets, Savannah Brown! We get to find out soon how won the interview opportunity!

IMG_20190407_165624We spent most of the blogger event chatting about books, chocolate, Panic! at the Disco and a lot more! I love spending a Sunday afternoon with such a lovely group of bloggers I am lucky enough to call my friends. I cannot wait till we are all together again!

To round off the day a few of us went for cake at a wonderful little cafe in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, Sugar Junction. We spent a couple of hours chatting, eating delicious food and having an all round excellent time!

I had such a wonderful day and I love attending these events and getting to know more bloggers. Thank you so much to Kimi for organising this event and to Penguin for sending us wonderful goodies! I cannot wait to attend even more book events this year! Hope you enjoyed this short little recap of the event!

Happy Reading


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