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What Happened in April?

What Happened in?

April has been another incredibly busy month from beginning to the end! I spent time with family and friends, attended a lot of book events and even went to London for a weekend! Here is what happened in April!LineWhat I Rea.jpg

I’ve had quite a spectacular reading month and it has been completely unexpected. I read 9 books throughout April! I wrote a full post, along with mini reviews about the books I read in April and you can find that here. Audiobooks are one of the reasons I read a lot this month and I am so thankful for them! Here is what I read in April!

  • Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman (Novel) 4‘s
  • Super Sons: The Polarshield Project by Ridley Pearson (Graphic Novel) 3‘s
  • For Everyone by Jason Reynolds (Poetry Book) 5‘s
  • Last Bus to Everland by Sophie Cameron (Novel) 5‘s
  • Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han (Audiobook) 5‘s
  • Release by Patrick Ness (Audiobook) 3‘s
  • Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans (Novel) 4‘s
  • The Taste of Blue Light by Lydia Ruffles (Audiobook) 3‘s
  • The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary (Audiobook) 4‘s

Top 5 Posts.jpg

I’ve had another good blogging month and posted as much as I wanted too! I even had ideas pop into my head for May and June! I am fully in a blogging stride at the minute! Here are my top 5 posts for April.


Reading Goal.jpg

I am extremely happy with the progress I have been making with my reading goal in April. I may end up upping my reading goal at the end of May! I am still putting aside £5 for every book I read this year and saving it all up! So, I currently have a total of £110 saved up for the year!


Personal Update.jpg

This month has been yet another incredibly busy one! I started the month out by going back to one of my favourite places, Brockholes Nature Reserve. I love going here to spend an afternoon walking and then sitting and relaxing in the cafe. I am so glad that David has nearly finished university so that we can go even more!

The next big event was the TEENSgate Blogger Event! This event we talked about The Truth About Keeping Secrets by Savannah Brown. We all had such a wonderful time and even finished the day off with cake! I did a little recap about this blogger event that you can find here.

Then I went to another book event! This month was definitely the month of book events. This event was the Queenie event. Candice Carty-Willams came to Manchester to talk about Queenie and to answer any questions that the Northern Bloggers had for her. I loved this event and even did a little recap about this event that you can find here.

Next up was the Samantha Shannon event! I was extremely excited about this event. Even though I have never read Samantha Shannon’s books I love listening to what she has to say at events. This was another incredible event and I did another little recap of this event that you can find here.

Towards the end of the month I attended Sarah and Sophie’s LGBTQ+ book club! I love attending this book club even if I haven’t read the book (which I hadn’t done this month). It is such a lovely little book club full of wonderful people!

Right at the end of the month I went to London to watch my Mum run the London Marathon! I cannot quite believe that my Mum ran her second marathon and I got to watch her! I am so proud of her and it was the excellent end to April!

Untitled design.pngLineThat’s it April is over. I cannot wait to see what May holds. What has your April been like and what have you read? Let me know in the comments below!Happy Reading

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  1. im still on top of the saving idea too so ty for introducing me to that. atm i wait till the end of every month and on payday i deposit the right amount.

    last months tho i used for a holiday deposit instead (seeing as tho my pay is still sortingout after being off) but i hope i can add it to savings still

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