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A Trip to Liverpool and a Book Event

LiverpoolLast weekend me and the wonderful Sarah from The Little Contemporary Corner who is one of my favourite people ever took a day trip to the wonderful city of Liverpool. We had plans to go to a museum, go book shopping, eat food, read in a cafe and finally attend the Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed event at Waterstones Liverpool. Here is a little recap of the day!


The day started out in the World Museum which I haven’t been to for years! It was only a flying visit but we saw some cool things including Dinosaurs and a cute mini aquarium. I want to go back there again soon for a full days outing.

We then went to do some book shopping. We stopped in Worlds Apart but neither of us picked anything up. That shop is so cool though especially if you are into Funko Pops. We then made our way to the Oxfam Book Shop on Bold Street where Sarah picked up a book. Then we went onto the mothership, Waterstones. Of course whilst in Waterstones we picked up a few books each. These will be included in my March book haul!

Then we spent a few hours in the Waterstones cafe, eating cake, chatting and reading our books. It was so lovely to spend the day with Sarah and chat about everything and anything and I am so grateful to have her in my life!

After our cake, reading and chats, we wandered over to Pieminister for some food. I had never been before but will certainly be going again because it was delicious!

Then we wandered back to Waterstones for the whole reason we travelled there for the  Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed book event! I loved this event a lot. Watching Becky and Aisha talk about a book I throughly enjoyed reading was a lot of fun. They talked about the issues they face both as authors as muslim and jewish women. It was an insightful talk that I’m sure I’ll remember for a long time.

Sarah and I had a moment halfway through the event were we both looked at each other and thought ‘wow we have interviewed Becky Albertalli!’ and you know what I still cannot believe it.

After the event had finished it was onto the signing. Sarah and I were quite near the back of the queue due to a mixup with Waterstones having copies of Aisha’s book Amal Unbound but that didn’t matter.

As I walked up to Becky and Aisha, Becky said to me ‘I remember you’ and let me tell you I nearly died there and then. The Becky Albertalli remembered me and that I interviewed her over 2 years ago and said she loved the questions I asked. I am still in shock that this even happened. We all then chatted about activism and standing up for what we believe in and I thanked them for their book and how it has inspired me. They were both so lovely and it is a signing that I will remember forever.

Just like that the day was over and what a day it was. I loved spending time with Sarah and just having an amazing day all round! I cannot wait for more book events and time with friends this year.

Happy Reading

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