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My Bad Reading Habits

Everyone has bad reading habits, me included. I thought today I would share with you all some of my bad reading habits to get them off my chest and so that you don’t feel so bad about your bad reading habits. Here are some of my bad reading habits!

Judging a book by its cover

I do this all the time and I am terrible for it. A pretty cover on a book I’ve never heard of? I’ll buy it. A beautiful cover on a book I’ll probably never read? I have so many of those. It is such a bad habit and has made my book collection grow and grow. Sometimes the books I pick based on their covers are well worth it and sometimes they really aren’t. I really need to stop judging books by their covers.

Not looking up words that I don’t understand

I’m terrible for this one. Whenever I’m reading and see a word I don’t necessarily understand it is very rarely that I actually look that word up. It is such a bad habit but I always feel like looking up a word will take me out of the book world. I need to get out of this habit because the amount of things I could learn if I actually took the 2 minutes to search a word.

Staying in my reading comfort zone

I do this all the time and I’d love to break this habit. I always read contemporary YA as it is my reading comfort. I’d love to broaden what I read. I’d love to give some fantasy a go, some horror and maybe even some non-fiction books. By broadening my reading I may even find a new favourite genre, learn something amazing and just have a lot of reading fun.

Reading too many books as once

I am always reading more than one book at once. Whilst writing this I am currently reading 3 books. An audiobook, an eBook and a physical book. I don’t mind doing this but is an issue when I confusing one book with another. I should really limit myself to reading 2 books at a time rather than the 3 books I normally have on the go. It will be easier for me to understand each book I read.

Getting drawn in by book hype

This is something that has started happening since having a book blog. I never used to buy into book hype but I really do now. I am constantly buying books due to hype surrounding them on Bookstagram or book Twitter and blogs. As lovely as this is, it isn’t good for my bank account. I love a good book that has been hyped up but I need to stop jumping onto any books that has ever been hyped.

Do you have any bad reading habits? If so what are they? Let me know in the comments below!

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