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1000th Blog Post! – Question Time With…

It seems like only a few months ago that I was posting for the 800th time and now I am about to post my 1000th post! I cannot believe it. I thought I would celebrate by doing a little Q&A. I asked for questions on social media (Twitter and Instagram) and I can’t wait to answer them!

Thank you so much to absolutely everyone who sent me questions and also to everyone who supports my blog! If you read all my posts, just the occasional one, or this is your first post of mine you are seeing (hi!), I appreciate you a lot and I’m so glad that people enjoy the posts I write!

How did you start blogging? – @tidd_samantha

Whilst I was in college none of my friends were reading but I was reading non-stop. I was finding it hard to not have anyone to speak to about what I was reading. I was speaking to my boyfriend and mum and they both suggested starting a blog. I spent one weekend setting it up and just went for it. I wasn’t expecting anything to come from it other than to have a place to share my thoughts. Years later and it is the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve found more books, more like-minded people and so many friends and I am so grateful!

What is your favourite part of working in a library? – @fayereadsbooks1

I love working in a library for so many reasons but my favourite would probably be recommending books to people. I love someone asking for a very specific recommendations, giving them and then seeing them coming back in having loved your recommendation. It is so lovely and rewarding. Working in a library is incredible and I love it a whole bunch.

Where do you get your ideas? – @tidd_samantha

I have absolutely no process behind this at all. Sometimes I am just out and about and get an idea out of no where or a chat with someone makes an idea form. At the beginning of each month I plan out all the posts for that particular month. I always have some monthly posts but others I leave up to ideas. What time of the year it is brings up ideas. If I’ve read a book then a review tends to happen. Ideas though, tend to come out of nowhere!

What advice would you give to some who wants to start book blogging? – @ReaderPenguin_

Go for it! Take time to plan your posts and give yourself more time to write them. Do not feel pressured into reading books because other people are reading them and are popular. Read what you want to and review, post and talk about what you want to. It is your blog, do it for you!

How do you stay motivated to keep going? – @tidd_samantha

My love for reading and the book community are one of the main things that keep me motivated. I love being a part of the book world and I love being just a very small part of it. When it comes to posting, planning out my posts and scheduling them early keeps me on track and motivated. Also, reading what I want to read and not what other people are hyping up is another thing to keep me motivated.

What’s your favourite book? – @ImogenTypes

This is always a difficult question to answer but I’ve answered it so much recently that I actually know what to say! I have two favourite books at the minute. One has been my favourite for years and that is The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James! It is my favourite for so many reasons but just one of them is the just how much this book had me on edge. If you haven’t read it yet you are missing out.

The other is The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid. This book is beyond amazing. It blew my away and made Taylor Jenkins Reid one of my faovurite every authors. I finished this book fully believing that all the characters were real. I loved it.

There you have it, I’ve officially written and posted 1000 blog posts! I can’t quite believe it and I also can’t wait to see what the next 1000 posts bring! Thank you to the people that sent in questions, I really appreciate it and thank you to you all for giving my posts love and motivating me to keep going!

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