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Trip to Lanzarote – Recap


After 3 years of waiting, me and David finally got to go on holiday to Lanzarote again. We were booked to go in 2020 but the pandemic got in the way. So, I am so glad we finally got to go back to the place that we love. We were there for 16 days and had such an amazing time. I wanted to do a little holiday recap post so that I could look back on the memories in a few years from now. So, here is my trip to Lanzarote recap!

After an early morning flight, we arrived in Lanzarote just after lunchtime. We set off straight to where we were staying which was a beautiful villa with our own pool in a very beautiful and quiet part of the island, Marina Rubicon. This is exactly where we’ve stayed in the 3 previous visits to Lanzarote and we love it. We wandered round and saw what had changed and stayed the same since our last visit before an early night.

Our second day in Lanzarote was mine and David’s 7 year anniversary. We started the day with a lovely walk and didn’t have much planned, or so I thought. David took me to one of my favourite places on the island and he proposed to me! I was in shock and didn’t expect it at all. Of course I said yes and I am beyond happy. I’m so lucky and he proposed in such an amazing way. We celebrated by visiting our favourite Chinese on the island. It was an amazing day!

Following that, most days we did very similar things. We got up, went on a walk around the Marina or neighbouring towns which are all beautiful. It was so nice to just wander around at our own pace, do some shopping and look at the local wildlife. Then in the afternoons we came back to the villa for a swim and then some reading by the pool. We went back out at night for our tea. I loved our days there and despite being similar in routine each day was ever so slightly different.

I read 10 books whilst we were there which I’m proud of. Keep your eyes out in the next couple of days because I’m going to posting mini reviews of the books I read whilst in Lanzarote.

There are so many different varieties of birds on Lanzarote which made me very happy. On our first day we saw a migrating pack of Swifts fly over our villa. We saw them back in 2019 but weren’t sure if we would see them this time round. They stuck around for most of the holiday and it was lovely to see them fly around. We saw so many Hoopoes this time round too which was amazing. They have such an interesting call. We also saw Kestrels, Little Egrets and a few other smaller birds.

The stars of the show when it came to birds were a pair of Collared Doves that lived near our villa. We called them Kevin and Keith! They visited the villa daily and eat any crumbs that we left and we fed them bird seed too. It was lovely. I miss them already.

On one of the cloudier days we decided to go on a longer walk. This was up one of the local extinct volcanoes on the island. We’ve wanted to do it when we’ve been in previous years but just didn’t have the time. It was such an amazing walk. We got to walk around and then in the crater and the views were incredible.

As always we ate lots of yummy food whilst we were there. I loved my cheese toasties, pizza and ice cream. I’m already missing ice cream every night, it was so delicious!

After 16 days of rest, relaxation and sunshine we were all packed to go home. I cannot believe how quickly time went but the 16 days were incredible. We will definitely be back in Lanzarote next year. It is one of my favourite places in the world. It is relaxing, sunny, calm and it is an incredibly beautiful place. I can’t believe I’ve come back engaged, it is the best feeling ever!

Bring on Lanzarote next year!

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